"Hva er lønnen din?"

Translation:What is your salary?

October 9, 2015

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None of your business, that's what my salary is.


Not very Scandinavian of you.


How do you differentiate between wage and salary?


Everyone gets lønn. There's no difference between an industrial worker's pay and an office worker's, or short term and long term assignments. It's all lønn (if some branch or business calls it otherwise it's a quite local concept)


Is everyone paid by the same unit of time? Specifically, in English, a wage is an hourly figure, multiplied by the number of hours worked and paid periodically (usually weekly or biweekly). A salary is typically an annual figure - irrespective of the number of hours worked, divided into a specified number of pay periods (usually 26 or 12).

Based on your answer, I'm guessing that both hourly pay (wages) and annual pay (salary) are called lønn. Is that correct?


Reasonable question, but I don't think it's relevant whether they are paid by the hour, annually or otherwise.

I'd suggest that Hva er lønnen din? could be translated as,
How much do you make?
How much are you paid?
What is your pay (rate)?
What is your rate of pay?

P.S. I like your avatar. :)


Does it depend on how long you work, or how much you get done, or is it just a set amount per pay period?


I have not clearly discovered the Scandinavian action for this questions yet!

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