"Hallo, ich heiße Hans."

Translation:Hello, I am called Hans.

October 9, 2015



Why not translate Ich heise Hans as My name is Hans instead

October 16, 2015


I think they're trying to clarify the difference between "Ich heiße" (I am called) and "Mein Name ist" (my name is), which have slightly different connotations.

December 28, 2015


This is what I was told, and a native speaker can correct me if I'm mistaken. But generally, you would use "Ich heisse" when telling someone what you are called (as opposed to your given name.)

My name is Jourden. I am called Jourdi.

Mein Name ist Jourden. Ich heiße Jourdi.

February 28, 2016


As a Swede I understand heisse, since we have the same word. It's simply one word for "I am, my name is, I am called" or water ever similar to that.

April 11, 2019


Yes (in general) for the "Mein Name ist" part: This would usually be followed by your given name (or, self-given nickname if you introduce yourself to fellow-players in a computer game – and, lo!, we are in the grey area overlapping with what you are called ;-) For all practical purposes of any learner, "Mein Name ist – Ich heiße – Ich bin" all mean the same, in the order of decreasing formality. Plus, for the sake of completeness, "Ich werde X genannt" or "Ich werde X gerufen" are ways to explicitly state that what follows is your normally used name which is different from your given name.

April 20, 2019


Could you also say "Ich bin (name)" ?

October 25, 2015


Ja, du kannst auch das sagen :)

October 26, 2015


What's the difference between ich heisse, and ich bin?

December 26, 2015


'Ich heisse' = I am called 'Ich bin' = I am

Mainly the context in which they are used, 'Ich bin' tends to be more informal.

January 14, 2016


"Ich heiße" is used only with names.

Ich heiße Karl. My name is Karl.

"Ich bin" you can use in different expressions. It is equal to "I am".

Ich bin Karl. I am Karl.

Ich bin ein Mann. I am a man.

Ich bin ein Lehrer. I am a teacher.

Ich bin groß. I am tall.

July 2, 2019


is ich heibs and bin literlly the same? do we use them differently because whether it is formal?

July 5, 2017


They are not literally the same -- ich bin means "I am", and could also be used, for example, in ich bin Arzt (I am a doctor). If you said, ich heiße Arzt, it would mean that your name was Arzt.

Some people introduce themselves by saying "My name is Adam", some by "I'm called Adam", and some by saying "I'm Adam". So in that sense, ich heiße and ich bin are equivalent when talking about names.

July 5, 2017


I do these lessons on a cell phone. I don't have the fourth letter in the word meaning am called. Any suggestions?

December 14, 2018


Try long-pressing the S key.

December 15, 2018


Ich heisse was wrong? Is the esset that necessary?

January 15, 2019


ss should be accepted as a substitute for ß if you can't type the proper letter. (And ae oe ue as substitutes for ä ö ü.)

Do you have a screenshot of the error? Perhaps you made some other typo?

January 15, 2019
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