"Das Bier schmeckt gut."

Translation:The beer tastes good.

October 10, 2015


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    In Germany, it is common to say "Es schmeckt" instead of "Es schmeckt gut". It means the same either way.

    Yes, it looks like saying "It tastes" (which sounds strange in English - but then, we can say "it smells" and everyone knows we mean "it smells bad"!).

    January 30, 2016


    So what about "lecker"?

    July 19, 2016


      That's also a word which is used. It means "delicious" or "tasty". Example of its usage include Das Bier schmeckt lecker or Das Bier ist lecker.

      July 20, 2016


      why "THIS beer tastes good" is wrong? Anyone?

      October 27, 2015


      This beer tastes good <-> Dieses Bier schmeckt gut.

      December 10, 2015


      Das = the or that Dieses = this

      January 11, 2016



      March 16, 2016


      Nah, I'm sot sure about that. As far as I know "das" works as both "this" and "that"

      July 22, 2018


      I believe that Das can have the meaning of definite article "that", "this" when the noun is neutral. So why is "That beer tastes good" wrong?

      December 2, 2015


        Das [X] ist [Y] = "The [X] is [Y]"
        Das ist [Y] = "That is [Y]"

        Das Bier ist kalt = "The beer is cold"
        Das ist kalt = "That is cold"

        The meaning of das changes whether it stands alone, or is attached to a noun (it must be a neuter noun).

        So how to say "That/this beer is cold"? With dies. It means both "this" and "that" when used with a noun. However, dies by itself means "this":

        Dies ist kalt = "This is cold"

        When you want to put it with a noun, you must put the matching ending on it (called declining) to match das (because Bier is grammatically neuter), you can say:

        Dieses Bier ist kalt = "This/that beer is cold"

        Duolingo teaches how to decline adjectives and so on in later lessons :)

        January 30, 2016


        Why is it schmeckt with a "t" on the end and not any of the other forms of the verb such as schmecke?

        April 17, 2016


          Well, let's first look at the conjugation chart for this verb:

          ich schmecke = I taste
          du schmeckst = you taste (sg.)
          er/sie/es schmeckt = he/she/it tastes
          ihr schmeckt = you taste (pl.)
          wir/sie/Sie schmecken = we/they/you (pol.) taste

          These are all the forms of the verb in simple present tense. So we need to choose one of them, right? So how do we choose? Well, if we're not using a personal pronoun (literally saying "it tastes" or "they taste", etc.) then we're usually using a noun directly ("the beer tastes" or "the beers taste"). Notice that even in that English example, the form of the verb is different whether the pronoun is singular/plural, but also whether the noun is singular/plural - and they match up with each other.

          So what's happening is that when you use a singular noun, use the verb form for er/sie/es. And when you use a plural noun, use the verb form for wir/sie/Sie. In grammar jargon, these are called the third-person singular and third-person plural conjugations.

          If you're ever unsure which one to use, just think about which pronoun you would need if you swapped out the noun: e.g. you could turn "the beer tastes good" into "it tastes good", but not "they taste good" or "you taste good". So that tells you you need to use the "it" = es form of the verb here.

          April 17, 2016


          Thanks! Very helpful

          April 17, 2016


          Why is "The beer taste good" is wrong?

          December 9, 2015


          Grammar. The beer is singular, so the verb has to have an 's' at the end. "The beer tasteS good"

          December 20, 2015


          I keep doing that as a typo and Duolingo doesn't recognize it as one. Too bad.

          June 19, 2017


          I can't believe " The beer is good" is wrong. --'

          January 19, 2016


            You should translate the verb accurately when using Duolingo. That's one of the things it's here to teach! "Is" and "tastes" are different verbs. Maybe medicine is good, but it does not taste good. Maybe beer tastes good, but it is not good (for your health)!

            January 30, 2016


            Technically you are right and WRONG at the same time :D Both beer and medicine CAN be good or bad, depending of the dosage!

            March 19, 2017


            Essential phrase when in Germany ;)

            July 31, 2017


            what is the difference between it tastes good and it is good

            November 9, 2017


            It tastes good: I like the taste

            It is still good: it is still safe to drink and has not turned sour or dangerous // it is good for you: it helps your health // it is good: (perhaps) it has some positive qualities in a greater amount than other beers, without saying what those qualities are (health? taste? colour? weight?).

            November 10, 2017


            It helped me by referring az_p's reply.

            July 26, 2018


            In german if you refer to something as that do they usually use das/die/der (and the rest) or jen...(jener\jene/jenes) etc

            June 17, 2016


            If you say any as in do you know ANY german people... Would you say.. Jegliches deutsche Volk or something else?

            June 17, 2016


            Is "schmeckt" the same as "lecker"?

            July 7, 2016


            Schmeckt is a verb - 'to taste'. Lecker is an adjective - 'tasty, yummy, delicious'

            July 7, 2016


            *schmecken = to taste

            May 23, 2018


            The beer have a good taste - why it is wrong?

            July 25, 2016


            Because it's not grammatically correct in English . It would have to be something like "the beer has a good taste" .It's verb conjugation in English. Probably didn't help too much but ah well, I tried :)

            August 9, 2016


            The beer is singular. So you have to say: The beer HAS a good taste.

            January 24, 2017


            How do i tell the difference between die der das and den?

            February 23, 2017


            Unfortunately there are few rules-- you mostly have to memorize the gender of all nouns. However, nouns that end with -ung are always feminine, and nouns that end with -chen or -lein are always neuter.

            June 17, 2017


            There has been a different discussion for this post. Anyway, here are few tips to understand them. die, der, das are articles and used before noun. Die is used for Feminine, Der for Masculine and Das for Neuter, but still it's always a good practice to learn the Nouns with article. eg. Madchen (girl) is feminine but considered as Neuter Gender in German, therefore it is Das Madchen. Die is also used for Plural Nouns.

            Nouns are defined as Nominative and Accusative case. eg. The man eats the apple. Der Mann isst den Apfel.

            Since Apfel is Masculine, therefore the article 'der' is changed to den in accusative case. Here is the matrix for the same.

            Nominative Case -
            der (Masculine)
            das (Neuter)
            die (Feminine)
            die (Plural)

            Accusative Case

            den (Masculine)
            das (Neuter)
            die (Feminine)
            die (Plural)

            Further example - An Apple - Ein Apfel.

            A man eats an apple. Ein Mann isst einen Apfel.

            A pizza - eine pizza

            A man eats a pizza. Ein Mann isst eine Pizza.

            Now, since pizza is feminine in German, therefore the article (eine) remains same in accusative case.

            Hope this helps :)

            July 26, 2018


            How would I say "you taste good"? "Do schmeckt gut" or "ihr schmeckt gut"?

            March 5, 2017


            Du schmeckst gut / Ihr schmeckt gut

            May 23, 2018


            Why not "The beer is good"?

            April 21, 2017


            'The beer is good' might convey the same idea as 'Das Bier schmeckt gut' but it is simply not the appropriate translation in a lesson about learning German instead of an exercise in lateral thinking. Maybe you need to realise that 'schmeckt' actually means 'tastes' instead of 'is'.

            April 22, 2017


            What is wrong with: 'The beer tastes great.' ?

            April 24, 2017


            What is wrong with the direct translation: 'The beer tastes good'????

            April 24, 2017


            Great ;

            August 18, 2017


            "The beer tastes great." would be "Das Bier schmeckt großartig."

            February 28, 2018


            I entered "the beer tastes good" which matched your translation, but was marked incorrect.

            August 3, 2017


            Was this a "type what you hear" exercise? In that case, you have to "type what you hear" -- the voice is speaking German, so you have to type in German.

            August 4, 2017


            If schmeckt is taste, please how fo you say smell.

            November 21, 2017


              Dictionaries are useful.

              "to smell" = riechen

              "That smells good" = Das riecht gut

              November 21, 2017


              How do we use taste as a noun?

              October 9, 2018


              "the taste" as a noun is der Geschmack.

              October 9, 2018


              I find it strange that they are talking about beer on a school learning website. I find it extremely not good.

              October 16, 2018


                Schools who use Duolingo can opt for a filtered vocabulary list. The courses are also full of both true and false statements, nonsense and realistic sentences. Furthermore, the existence of beer in Germany is hardly irrelevant, nor a secret.

                October 16, 2018


                Why not The beer taste good. [Such as: Taste is the sense linked to the tongue, usually when eating food. The main tastes are sweet, sour, salty and bitter.] These chicken wings taste really good!

                November 23, 2018


                “Taste” is a verb in the sentences “The beer tastes good” and “These chicken wings taste really good”, not a noun.

                If you used it as a noun, “The beer taste - good” would not be a complete sentence: the verb is missing. English is not Russian or Hungarian or Turkish: an adjective cannot be a complete predicate by itself.

                November 24, 2018


                Thanks Mod! I did learn USA English; [The "In the middle of metaphorical Nowhere" dialect]; verb conjugation in the 4th grade, in 1972. I will use tastes. It tastes good. [It smells good. It looks good. It feels good.] .. so is this correct? "the taste" as a noun is der Geschmack. "tastes" as a verb is schmecken.

                November 24, 2018



                November 25, 2018


                well and good means the same

                November 30, 2018


                They are used differently.

                "The dog smells good." = it gives off a good smell

                "The dog smells well." = It is good at detecting smells with its nose

                In this case, beer cannot taste things (it has no tongue), so "tastes well" makes no sense. Beer can taste good (produce a pleasant sensation in the consumer), however.

                November 30, 2018


                In Serbia, when the food has the specific taste, we usually say "It has the schmek". Very interesting...

                April 18, 2019


                I didn't add the "s" on the end of "tastes" in the translation and it marked my answer incorrect. The "s" was the only thing different to the Duo answer.

                June 18, 2019


                In general, if a typo results in something that is a real word in English, then Duo assumes that you used the other word on purpose, and considers it an error.

                "taste" is a valid word in English, and is incorrect in the context of this sentence.

                June 18, 2019



                June 25, 2019


                why is beer spelled with b.e.e.r? =Can it not be spelled like this bear wait i said bear !? x(

                July 1, 2019


                shmeckt means the same thing as tastes, so why did I get it wrong???

                July 10, 2019



                July 10, 2019


                Native English speaker here. TIL its tastes and not taste. Thanks Duolingo.

                September 2, 2019


                I wrote "The beer tastes well", which was counted as a mistake. Weird, considering that good and well means pretty much the same in this situation.

                January 23, 2016


                The beer tastes well would imply that the beer is the thing tasting - that it is good at tasting. This means something completely different from the beer tastes good.

                January 25, 2016


                Deutscher Bier ist die besser

                April 18, 2016


                  If you want to say "German beer is better": Deutsches Bier ist besser

                  If you want to say "German beer is the best": Deutsches Bier ist das Beste or Deutsches Bier ist am besten

                  April 18, 2016


                  Why is B capital in Beste & small b in besten?

                  April 30, 2016


                    As I understand it, ist das Beste uses it like a noun: "is the best (beer)", but ist am besten uses it like an adjective: "is best".

                    April 30, 2016


                    actually, I am convinced this is a grammatically incorrect way of saying it in english given that "good" is an adjective while "well" is the adverb: "The beer tastes well".

                    February 12, 2017


                    Only if your glass of beer is walking around and able to taste things and perform other actions that it does well. If you are describing the flavor (taste) of the beer, which one presumes you are, then you need an adjective (good), rather than the adverb (well).

                    June 17, 2017


                    Even if it is grammatically incorrect it is the common usage and that is what counts, as in any language! Being English born and bred I can assure you that we would say, ''The beer tastes good.'' I have never used, or heard the phrasing of, ''The beer tastes well.''

                    The only point I would make is: If one was drinking the beer at the time of making the comment, one would say, ''This beer tastes good.'' The phrase, ''The beer tastes good.'' would be used is a situation, such as, when being asked one's opinion of a particular public house. Then, one might reply, ''The beer tastes good.''

                    I hope this is helpful. Cheers!

                    April 7, 2017


                    It's not incorrect. The commenter doesn't know the difference between adjectives and adverbs.

                    June 17, 2017


                    no, because "taste" in this sense is a copulative verb in English

                    April 25, 2018


                    The sense of this sentence in english would be-the bear has a good taste?sorry because i am not a native english speaker.

                    October 10, 2015

                    October 10, 2015


                    Anyone else thought that "Bier" here was "Bear"? xD

                    April 11, 2017


                    Why is "The beer is good" wrong ?

                    July 18, 2017


                    I have no problem with the German phrase, but the English version does not allow "The beer tastes well" which is correct.

                    January 8, 2018


                    No, it's not correct.

                    That would imply that the beer is good at tasting things; it has a sensitive tongue.

                    But what we mean is that the beer itself has a good taste, so we say "The beer tastes good." -- with an adjective, not an adverb, after the verb of sensing.

                    Compare also: "The dog smells well" (it has a fine nose) and "The dog smells good" (it gives off a pleasant odour).

                    Or "The wall looks blue to me" -- we would not say "The wall looks bluely at me".

                    January 8, 2018


                    Since when was beer "good"

                    January 18, 2018


                    Why did they force me to say this

                    March 18, 2018


                    Taste not tastes

                    February 10, 2016


                    It's actually tastes not taste. Duolingo was right.

                    March 4, 2016


                    Taste is not third person singular.

                    April 23, 2016
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