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  5. "A bota do comandante é rosa."

"A bota do comandante é rosa."

Translation:The commander's boot is pink.

November 11, 2013



O comandante é muito fabuloso.


Fantabulosa even. But I don't think Duo has a Polari course does he?


Until then we'll just have to keep listening to Round The Horne. ;-)


Just the one?


Someone spilled bleach on one of them?


Really, Commander?...Really?


Maybe in the neverland or wonderland. :)


Não seria «A bota do comandante é cor de rosa.»?


Yes, prefect! It is kind of more formal, but it is also right! In daily we use only "é rosa; é preto; é azul, etc... Because it is implicit for us.

[deactivated user]

    It's "Carnaval" in Brazil !


    FEATURING THE VILLAGE PEOPLE.......lol. :) doc


    A rosa do botânico é como andante.
    (two more lines needed for a surrealist poem)

    [deactivated user]

      So try this:
      Ele bota, comandando, a sua rosa,
      até encontrar a sua segunda bota.
      Uma rosa é uma rosa é uma rosa ...


      Can't this also be "the commander's boots are pink"? Because boots usually come in pairs, and one of the "tips" lessons says that when talking about things that usually come in pairs, it's okay to use the singular to refer to the pair.


      Why can't this be "the commander's boots"? There are many places Portuguese treats plural objects as single...


      I translated it as plural because I thought it was usual in Portuguese to use the singular to mean the plural when it came to pairs of e.g. boots, socks, shoes or gloves.. How are we to know when that is or isn't applicable?


      And you are right. In this case, without further context, both singular and plural answers should be accepted.
      Moreover, the common scenario is for the commander to have a PAIR of boots, not just one. The case where one is talking about only ONE boot is a special case (needs context).
      But this is typical Duolingo, not thinking through what a sentence can mean. Very inconsistent.


      Why it cant be "the boot of the commander is pink"?


      "The boot of the commander is pink" is a little less common. In English we usually use the structure "Owner's thing" to indicate possession.


      So annoying that they still have fixed this to except the plural!

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