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  5. "Die Katze frisst."

"Die Katze frisst."

Translation:The cat eats.

October 10, 2015



What is the difference between "Frisst" and "isst"


"fressen" is used for animals or humans eating in an animalistic way; "essen" is used for humans (and maybe pets).


I strongly recommend beginners read the Tips and Notes to the Animals unit. Fressen and essen are explained in great detail and it emphasizes that to use fressen in reference to people is offensive.


On the phone app there is no tips and notes section, no hovering over a word, no hearts and no giving lingots. We're pretty much on our iwn to deduce meanings, sometimes after many mistakes. Btw, what do people use lingots for anyway, everyone seems to live them. I have about 600. What good are thet?


Although the tips cease pretty early as you advance in your tree, they help SO Much. Mistakes are inherent to the immersion process, but without any guidance it certainly would result in many mistakes. As to Lingots, many members like to buy the Streak Freeze. And then they buy another Freeze immediately after they have used the one in place. I'm pretty sure you can only buy one at a time (and you might have to do a lesson the next day before being protected by a Freeze. I have never bought one. But I have lost streaks! Another good buy is a test, although I have only taken three tests and I've been a member for 3+ years. I think it costs 25 Lingots per test. Once you start the test, you can't stop; I believe it takes 20 minutes. As you take it, it really let's you realize what you don't know very well or at all! You only receive a percentage score and you're not advised on what sentences you missed so you can't study them for another test, but I imagine it would be a different test anyway. One member suggested taking the test every two weeks.


Ah, I see. On my phone app there is no option for a test. I could see the value in that. Thanks for answering, it's the first answer I've ever gotten, and a good one too. I'd give you lingits if I could


A lingot [ling-guht] is the Duolingo virtual currency. The more you learn on Duolingo, the more lingots you'll receive and be able to use in the store! you can buy things like power ups and special skills like flirting.


To read the tips on your phone open your browser and set it as view as desktop. Then go to Duolingo on that browser. Click on a lesson and scroll down. The tips can be an incredible help.

It makes absolutely no sense to me why they aren't on the app.


Viele mal danke!


"Danke vielmals" (a bit stilted) or "Vielen Dank", "Vielen, vielen Dank". :)


So If I wanted it to be correct I'd use Vielen in the phrase? Or is it just wrong in the word order?


It's not just wrong word order, you need to use "vielen".


So do I have to use "frisst" when talking about an animal eating, or would it be okay to use "isst"?


You should use "fressen". Some people use "essen" with pets (cat, dog, ...), and children sometimes use "essen" for animals.


Is "feeds" not an acceptable translation for "frisst"?


It is and it should be. Is there a way to request corrections?


To feed means to give food, no?


Fressen literally translates to feeds so why is it not accepted


What if the cat is male? Do you still use "Die"?


Usually, yes - die Katze can apply to any cat.

If you specifically want to say "The tomcat is eating", i.e. you want to emphasise that this particular cat has a gender and that gender is male, then you can say der Kater.


Meine Katze schläft! :)


fressen is an irregular verb. Is there a way to know an irregular verb when you come across a new word?


I don't know if this is a linguistic rule, but I think in general you can expect a verb to be irregular if it is a very old/basic verb. Just like in English (compare verbs like e.g. to be => he is, to eat => I ate, to see => she saw etc.). Essen/fressen are very old/basic verbs, so there is a good chance that they are irregular. Newer/more complex verbs like e.g. surfen (to surf) or verhindern (to prevent) are more likely to be regular. There might be exceptions though as some irregular verbs were turned into regular verbs (e.g. bellen (to bark). Until the 19th century, we would have said "der Hund boll" (the dog... bork :D). Today, we say "der Hund bellte" (the dog barked)).


Who are you? I cant see ur name nor i can see ur profile.


Shouldn't Frisst then be "devours"? It's the closest in English to the word "Frisst". Some languages do have a specific word for animal eating mannerisms, or otherwise if used to describe people it is considered condescending.


I second this idea. Devours should at least be accepted, in order to help differentiate.


What is the point of conjugating for animals? Like you wouldn't need to say "ich" when referring to an animal.


What about the new movie that just came out, which is I think called "The secret life of dogs?" If the dog in the story or some animated animal were telling the story, then you would need the first person conjugation.

Besides, dictionaries always show all conjugations, whether they are likely to be used or not. Same with declensions, as far as I know.


Ah! Thanks for the explanation. I was just a bit confused,


Is "fressen" an insult or a descriptor? For example, in English there is "wolf down" when referring to eating ravenously. If I was super hungry would it be acceptable to say "Ich fresse?"


I'm using this on Android. And I see no Tips and Notes. Where are they?


why dont we use isst instesd of frisst?


In German, animals "fressen", while humans "essen".


What if I wanna frisst?


you'd have to feast wild like an animal, somehow, according to another informed comment. :)


Unless you are referring to Snoopy


what is the difference between (frisst) and (isst) ?


Please read the previous comments.


Why not 'The cat is eating' ? 'Die Katze frisst' shoud always mean 'The Cat eats' ?


Why not 'The cat is eating' ?

That's also an acceptable translation.

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