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  5. "I can teach anyone to dance."

"I can teach anyone to dance."

Translation:Jeg kan lære hvem som helst å danse.

October 10, 2015



"Undervise" does not work in this context?


Undervise, the way I understand it, is more of a professional instruction. So, if you were a professional teaching someone to be a professional dancer, you could probably use it.


Does hver som helst translate to something like: "anyone who wishes" or something similar?


Are 'hvem som helst' and 'enhver' exactly the same in usage?

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'enhver' can also mean 'any'.


Hvorfor kan jeg ikke bruke "lære bort"?


Why is not accepted"til å danse"


Å already means to in the sense of to go or in this case to dance so til is not the right to and til å means to to which doesnt make sense.


"Jeg kan undervise i å danse hvem som helst" is not correct. How should the sentence be if you want to use "undervise i"?


(Jeg kan undervise hvem som helst i å danse) would be a grammatically correct sentence. however, "å lære" will often have an element of reaching relative mastery, while "undervise" is just the PROCESS. In a sentence like "jeg lærer norsk" there is the implication of progress and mastery. "jeg får undervisning i norsk" does not imply mastery, only attending classes. The complete sentence "i can teach anyone to dance" means "i can make anybody reach some level of mastery". Therefore, you should probably use "jeg kan lære hvem som helst å danse"


Thank you very much!


Why does ''Jeg kan hvem som helst lære å danse.'' not work?


I am pretty sure that would be "I can anyone teach to dance" which does not make any sense in English, and while i do not know if this is acceptable in Norwegian or not i'd wager that it is not.

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