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  5. "Ikke svar på noen spørsmål."

"Ikke svar noen spørsmål."

Translation:Don't answer any questions.

October 10, 2015



How would it be "Do not answer SOME questions?"


Noen is sightly less specific in Norwegian than in English, as both any and some will be noen. It's a set phrase, ikke noen = not any. You can't use "not some", it makes no sense.


Thank you for your clarification, so "ikke.....noen" is never interpreted as "not.... some" in Norwegian? In English it is possible to use negation+some. Then, I'm asking again, how would you say "Don't give answers to some questions?" (This sentence has a different meaning than "Don't give answers to any questions", so I'm sure there is a way to express this meaning even though if it doesn't involve using "noen")


"Don't give answers to some questions" makes absolutely no sense to me at all, as an imperative sentence.

I can accept "He chose not to give answers to some questions", and that I would translate to Det var noen spørsmål han valgte å ikke svare på I need to alter the order of the words to make that sentence work, as Han valgte å ikke svare på noen spørsmål still comes back as "not ... any" or maybe "not ... some" if the person you are talking to emphasise ikke svare


I don't see a problem with using negation+some in imperative in English. If we elaborate the sentence: "Don't give answers to some questions that might put you in danger.", we get a perfectly okay sentence, both syntactically and sematically. But I guess there are some restirictions in Norwegian so I can just construct a sentence differently and get the meaning that I want. Thanks for the effort, really appreaciate it!


I agree that is makes sense in English to say, 'Don't answer some of the questions!' Google translate comes up with 'Ikke svar på noen av spørsmålene.' which seems better.


I know what you mean. I, myself, however would likely say, 'Don't answer certain questions. It pretty much means the same though, I think?


"Don't answer any questions" means you should leave all of the questions unanswered. "Don't answer some of the questions" means you can leave some of the questions unanswered. But in my native English dialect the second sentence sounds very odd, I'd be more likely to recast the sentence as, for example "don't answer any of the questions you find too difficult" (implying you can answer the easier questions), so still using "any" rather than "some" because of the negation at the front of the sentence.


Can we omit "på"?


No, it's required.


Is that because it's, perhaps, a set phrase or is there another reason?


I can't remember having seen "svar på" before. What's the difference between "svar" and "svar på"?


I have the same question. Looking forward to an answer!


Wouldn't ingen make more sense here?


You cannot use "ikke" and "ingen" together in this case, but "ingen" and "ikke noe/-n" are interchangeable in some contexts, with a slight difference in meaning,

Jeg har ingen venner. I have no friends. Jeg har ikke noen venner. I don't have any friends.


Maybe: svar ingen spørsmål.


This makes sense to me as 'answer no questions' but I'd appreciate if a native speaker could confirm if it's valid


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