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  5. "Otobüs durağı nerede?"

"Otobüs durağı nerede?"

Translation:Where is the bus stop?

October 10, 2015



How would you say "Where does the bus stop?"


LOL, in Russian дурак (durak) means idiot. So "Where is the idiot of the bus?"- I will easily memorize this word (the bus stop) based on this funny coincidence. ;-)


Would you say the pronounciation of durağı is good/acceptable here? I can hear "dura", and in normal speed i can tell there is too much time before going on to the next word for it to just be "dura", but still! Was hard to catch even though i just saw the sentence in written form two questions back and was expecting this word again. Will it be that tough to spot from native speakers?


It isn't really a good pronunciation. I give it a C-. You will hear a very distinct extra syllable added to the end by native speakers :)

Edit: For some unbeknownst reason, I thought you mean the slow one. I need extra coffee today. The fast one is pretty ok. You will normally hear native speakers say something like "duraa" for this (as is true with most words ending in -ağı). You are also absolutely free to pronounce it "Duraıı" and that is correct as well. :)


Yes, sometimes it's really tough. In the speech of many Turks "ağı" indeed very often sounds as more or less long A. It even can be taught as the correct Istanbul pronunciation in elocution courses (güzel konuşma kursları). That said, Turks themselves may argue about the correct pronunciation of words like "kâğıt": is it [ca'at] or [ca'ɯt]? Almost same with "ığa": "Balığa gidiyoruz" can very well sound like "Bala gidiyoruz", but I doubt that this pronunciation is taught as the güzel one. :)


The pronunciation of "nerede" is also terrible.


Do you know where the bus stop is? Where bus stop is?


"Otobüs durağı nerede?" Translation: Where is the bus stop?

Yes. I am asked frequently by tourists in London for Victoria Coach Station directions.


Would "otobüs istasyonu" be wrong?




"Otobüs durağı nerede?" Translation: Where is the bus stop?

Would "otobüs istasyonu" be wrong?

The bus station. "Otobüs istasyonu."

Thank you.

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