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"Hun gjør noe sånt hele tiden."

Translation:She does something like this all the time.

October 10, 2015



"She does some such thing the whole time"? Doesn't sound correct...


In English, no, but in Norwegian you can say both: Hun gjør sånt noe hele tida/Hun gjør noe sånt hele tida. There's this silly thing she keeps doing, she does something like this all the time.


I answered wrong and the suggested good answer was what I quoted (which, as you agree, does not make sense in English). I guess it should be corrected? But thank you for the explanation :)


I don't see anything wrong with that sentence in english.


What is the difference between sånn and slik?


Very little.

There is some nuance to the usage, but however much I think about it I'm unable to articulate any rules that don't either have a zillion exceptions or feel like I've just made them up for myself.

We often use both to contrast two different options ("Ikke gjør det sånn, men slik!"), but you could still use the same one twice without anyone taking notice.


I am just surprised that no one asked this question before and i always open discussion panels in hope that someone did and i thought i was the only one not getting it (maybe i am).I honestly believed until now that 'sånn' means 'like this' and 'slik' meaning 'like that',the colors are so bright now...i guess i'll just use 'sånn/t' for speaking and keep 'slik' nearby for understanding others. Thanks for the answer once again,Deliciæ. ("I kveld med Ylvis" really made me look into some things about norwegian language)


Yes, I was considering the same "this/that" split, but it just doesn't match up with actual usage. They have different etymology as well, so that doesn't speak to a deliberate distinction either.

I guess everyone was so happy about having "slik" accepted in place of "sånn" and vice versa, that they decided it was safer not to ask any questions lest their freedom be revoked. ;)

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