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Streak Resetting?

Has anyone else had an issue with their streak resetting itself? It has currently put my French streak back to 0... although I definitely practiced French yesterday and can see evidence of such on my stream. It should say something like 15. My Spanish streak and Overall Streak seem unchanged. Any ideas of what might cause this?

November 11, 2013



Hi! It looks like you only practiced Spanish on Nov 10th. Your site wide streak is still there. Is that correct?


I would move this to the trouble shooting forum. Edit your post. In that window click where it says Duolingo. This is a drop down menu. Select "trouble shooting" and will move your post there.

Also, I try to screen shot my progress every few days, as i've heard others reporting their streaks resetting as well. You might try that in case you need to prove to staff where you were with points, levels, streaks, and lingots. Good luck!


Don't rely on the amount on your stream. It sorts lessons and practice sessions together even when they were completed on different days.

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