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  5. "Ich bin Julia."

"Ich bin Julia."

Translation:I am Julia.

October 10, 2015



It doesn't sound like Julia to me.


Since j is pronounced as y in german, Duo is actually saying Yulia, not Julia


"It doesn't sound like Julia to me" made me laugh because they used a guy's voice to say "Ich bin Julia."


Exactly. You can also hear some real recorded pronunciations on sites like Forvo and Dict.cc. Bookmark them, as these sites will be very helpful when you think the robo-voice on Duolingo is getting it wrong (which it does sometimes).

When that happens, please don't just write endless comments about it - click the "Report a Problem" button so that Duolingo can be improved! Improvements are only made by those problem reports - the programmers do not read the comments!


It really helps to learn the alphabet and it's pronunciation in what ever language you are learning. There is one at http://german.about.com/od/pronunciation/a/The-German-Alphabet.htm or http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/guide/alphabet.shtml. Both have audio with pronunciation and tips. The BBC one has also other languages on their site. It really helps so one does not try to ponounce the German, or any language one is learning with english/american/any native language sounds. No matter how well one learns the vocabulary, people will have a hard time anderstanding if the words/letters are just strung together english sounds. I found out the hard way.:)


Since when did anything sound like our language? It's German!


It is right how they say it


J is pronounced as "y" in German so it will sound like "Yulia" and not "Julia". Also, since "ich" means "I" and "bin" means "am" then the sentence is therefore, "I am Julia."


Whoaaa, I thought you had to say Ich heisse... not Ich bin. WE learned this from German 1


'Ich bin Julia' = 'I am Julia', whilst 'Ich heiße (heisse) Julia' = 'I am called Julia'. The first one is more commonly used in both languages.


Ich bin Julia = I am Julia.

Ich Heisse Julia = I am called Julia.

Mein Name ist Julia = My name is Julia.


Whenever I go to Germany I hear them put an article in front of a name like: ich bin die Julia or: Wo ist der Tim.


That's used colloquially in some parts of Germany, but I don't think it's quite standard. It's a bit informal.


When do you heiße and bin


You can use it pretty similarly to English " ich bin Julia /klein/alt/jung... = I am Julia /little/old/young...." "Ich bin" is a conjugation of "sein =to be".

"Ich heiße = I am called" is a conjugation of "heißen" you can use when you want to say I, he, she, they... is/are called. It can't be used in other instances like "sein -to be"

For example, if you say: "sie sind neu " it means "they are new" but if you used "sie heißen New" you would be saying "they are called New" which would only make sense and work if that was actually their name.

It really helps to read the "tips and notes" on Duo. there is a conjugation table for "sein" at: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Plurals :)

I also really like using http://www.dict.cc/?s=hei%C3%9Fen to clarify/translate. The site has audio and often entire phrases as well.


What's the difference between Ich bin (name) Vs Ich heiße (name)?


About the same as between "I'm Julia" and "I'm called Julia/My name is Julia".

Both can be used to introduce oneself.


Made me sooo sad! I actually thought they are using the name of the person that is taking a class! So they can say I'm Mark, Sam, etc.... I actually thought they ment Yuliya :'( .... I feel cheeted


I find it complicates things when a male voice says" Ich bin Julia"


So how do you write Justin in German


"Justin"... or "Dschastin, Schastin, Tschastin", which represent how some people pronounce this name, which was borrowed from English but doesn't really fit into German phonology.

(It's a stereotypical lower-class name, along with Kevin, Chantal, and a number of others. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevinism .)


How do you turn sound back on and why wont it it hear my response when the lesson asks me too?


Imagine being called Julia and then going to live in Germany, no-one would be able to say your name correctly.

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