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Nahuatl Basics 2 part 1 (Big/Great, Coffee, Not good, beautiful, In, cafe, ugly and questions)

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    Alright, we have some new words to learn today, and we are going to start basic adjectives.

    Quetzalli : Beautiful

    Hueyi : Grand, Tall, Large, Great

    Café : Cafe (This is just a loanword)

    Amo : No or not

    Cualli : Good (Was in last lesson as well)

    Ihtic : In or Inside

    Cafetzin/cafentzin : Coffee

    So first off we have Amo. Now some people will write it as "Ahmo" but it makes the same sound and is a regional diffirence. So "not good " would simply be:

    Amo Cualli : Not good

    We don't really have a word for bad, just use not good. Now for "ugly" or "not beautifull" we can use:

    Amo Quetzalli : Not beautiful

    Amocualneci : Ugly

    We actually have a word for an ugly(person), which is the second one. How about "Not large" or "small" ?

    Amo Hueyi : Not big

    Pilli : Small

    Like ugly there is an actuall word for small. Now before we move on we have to remember that Nahuatl does not really have a "to be verbs" so how would we say "The coffee is good."? A lot of times "To be" is just avoided all together like in the earlier lesson when we said things like

    Nehuatl nitlacatl : I am a boy


    Nitlacatl : I'm a boy

    There is no "to be in that phrase". You are litterally saying "I (am), I (am a) man" or just "I (am a) man". We will get to "a" later by the way. So here is what nahuatl speakers would use where you would use "to be" in english to talk about things.

    In : The (We should already now this from last lesson)

    Inon : That

    Inin : This

    That is all we are going to be using for now. Sometimes speakers use "on" for Inon and "in" for Inin to speak faster... But we most likely will not use that, or worry about it until later. Inon and Inin do have plurals but we will get to those later. Oh, and if you are an English speaker, luck you, because nahuatl has NO GENDERS! So lets try all of this stuff out eh?

    In cualli cafentzin : The good coffee

    In amo cualli cafentzin : The bad coffee

    In hueyi cafentzin : The large coffee

    Inin amo cualli : That is not good

    Alright look above please. You are litterally saying "That (is) not good", because we have no "to be". I hope this will help you visualize that for the next examples.

    In cafentzin cualli : The coffee is good

    Inon cafentzin amo cualli : This coffee is bad

    In cafenztin hueyi : The coffee is big

    Inin cafetzin pilli : That cofee is small

    Get it? Good. But what if we want to form a question like "Is the coffee good?" or "The coffee is good?" ? Well in the esperanto tree, they use ĉu to from questions. Well it is alot easier in nahuatl (for now), we just say it with a question mark at the end, and a question asking tone to it. Kinda like in english if I said "The coffee is good?" You know what I mean? We can't say "Is the coffee good?" or "The cofee is good?" Because for the 100th time, NAHUATL DOES NOT HAVE "TO BE". Well, that is mostly it for today. Have any questions, ask in the comments. The table of contents will also be posted today, and expect another lesson tommorow.


    Teconalli : Pencil

    Capolchichic : Coffee (Just another way to say it, just as right as the other two, depends on region/speaker)

    Caltzalantli : Road or Street

    October 10, 2015


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