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"The students who are here are better than the ones who are there."

Translation:Buradaki öğrenciler oradakilerden daha iyi.

October 10, 2015



Is " ki " written separately?


no, there are to "ki"s in Turkish, one -used above- is a suffix. another one, which is used rarely, is a word, so written separately. And these are explained in the tips and notes https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/ki


Tesekkur ederim. (:


So, is the ki in "iyi ki" etc. rarely used?

[deactivated user]

    I'm trying to understand why the suffix -den is used and not -de... I assume it has something to do with the use of 'daha iyi' but i'm not sure how or why..


    I think here you have to use the ablative, because when you compare something the second word is getting the applative ending and "daha" is optional then. I am not able to explain it better in English language


    '-Den' suffix would translate to than, Ex : horses are bigger than dogs. Ex: atlar kopekleriden daha büyük.

    -de suffix mean in Ex: turkeyede çok Türkler var

    Okay, I am not too sure about my turkish sentences but I hope you got the idea.


    Does suradaki not work in place of oradaki?


    I think it must be şuradakilerden in that case to replace oradakilerden


    From the future.. It's working now


    These are the same ma'am

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