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Duolingo Irish Facebook Group

Dia daoibh!

It's with great pleasure that I invite all Duolingo Irish learners to our new Facebook group! (The suitably named Duolingo Irish Learners group)

In this group, you will be able to:

  • Converse with other Irish learners (as Gaeilge)
  • Ask questions you have about Irish
  • Seek help in relation to the Irish course
  • Have fun :)

I decided to make this group after seeing the success and popularity of similar groups for the Dutch, Esperanto, Norwegian and Ukrainian courses.

Simply request to join and we'll happily accept you!


Do not be rude, offensive, disturbing or aggressive in this group. Doing so will get you removed immediately.


October 10, 2015



Dia daoibh!

Is maith liom an smaoineamh sin go mór! Ach I am wondering if there is already such a group like this on WhatsApp? If it shouldn't exist, I would be pleased to create (or someone else) a group as Gaeilge for those who doesn't have Facebook but still want to enjoy the possibility of using Gaeilge gach lá in their lives. GRMA already.


I was already aware of that group. There's no reason why there can't be more than one group for Irish learners on Duolingo :) (Other courses have several groups) The more users that get involved with each other, the better


Totally no reason why there can't be two. ;-) I created the group galaxyrocker linked to about a year ago because there weren't any other Duolingo Irish groups, so I figured "why not just make one?" :-) Yours is probably more official than mine, of course... but like you said, no reason there can't be more than one group.


I was recently thinking about how FB is seriously lacking groups that are strictly as gaeilge & so I was thinking about making one. Maybe we could make it a sister group to this one for those who outgrew what duo currently has to offer.


Gaeilge Amháin is what you're looking for.


I don't really use facebook that much, but I think that this discussion board could easily serve a similar purpose without everything being used by facebook to track down my IP and eliminate me.


What we need is a group for paranoid technicals. Encrypted SIP/Linphone maybe? The kind of profiling you get on f-buk isn't desirable by the aware.


Howabout 100-proxy-book? It runs all your facebook posts through a hundred proxy servers, randomizing your location to one of over 2,400 cities worldwide for every post and private message that you send.

Sorry, that was just part of a good dream I had last night in which Facebook, Apple and Google rule the world and everyone's as paranoid as me.


I don't have facebook and I ain't gonna bend the knee, Tà mé bron orm.


go raibh maith agat. iarracht me : )


I just sent in a join request. Looking forward to it. Thanks for making it!

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