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"Ich spreche mit meinem Freund."

Translation:I am talking to my friend.

January 5, 2013



I learned the following:

"mit einem Freund" would mean "with a friend who is male". "mit meinem Freund" would mean "with my boyfriend".


Thanks for helping to avoid awkward situations!


"Mein Freund" for sure means "my boyfriend". Germans use "ein Freund von mir" if they mean "a male friend".


That tallies with what they say at http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Freund#Usage_notes -

Freund and Freundin may refer to either a platonic friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend. In general, "mein Freund" (my friend) refers to a boyfriend, whereas "ein Freund von mir" (a friend of mine) refers to a non-romantic friendship. Similary, one might refer to "meine Freundin" for a girlfriend or "eine Freundin von mir" for a non-romantic female friend.


"Boyfriend" is listed as a dictionary hint, so why is it not accepted as a correct translation?


It should be accepted.


I have the same question as Dripdrip1.


I probably wasn't the only one who used "boyfriend" instead of "friend" just to learn the difference between Freundin and Freund, but turns out it's not accepted.


I plumped for one "meinen" after reading a long article on how to use "meinen", "meinem", "meine", etc. Now I'm more confused than ever! :(


"mit" takes the dative. The dative forms of "mein" are meinem (m/n), meiner (f) and meinen (pl). As "Freund" is masculine and singular, this must be meinem.

Your "meinen" would have been correct if the English had been "I am speaking with my friends", but would have to be with "Freunden" as the dative plural form of the noun - Ich spreche mit meinen Freunden, I think.


I've heard 'Ich spreche mit ihm' used in a way that meant 'I will talk to him' almost often as it meant 'I am speaking with him'. It should be accepted.


"Sprechen" could mean both "talk" and "speak"? And what about "say"?


"Say" is "sagen", and it also means "tell". Ich habe das gesagt. = I said that. Sag mir! = Tell me!


Danke schon!


Boyfriend is accepted now. However, an alternate solution says "I am talking to my friend". Is that an acceptable usage? I was cautioned to be careful with that direct English translation.

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why not "I'll speak to my friend"


Because your sentence is future tense, not present tense. Duo hasn't introduced future tense yet. There's a whole other verb construction necessary for that.

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