"Der Junge isst Pizza und der Hund frisst Reis."

Translation:The boy is eating pizza and the dog is eating rice.

October 10, 2015

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Ok, not sure what the difference between 'essen' and 'fressen' is. Are they interchangeable?

October 10, 2015


Fressen is the verb used for "to eat" for non-human animals. I think the best translation would be to feed.

The boy eats pizza. The dog feeds on rice.

October 30, 2015


No, they are not. In general 'essen' is used for humans, 'fressen' for animals. However, there are a couple of exceptions where you can use 'fressen' for humans, mostly when you mean to insult them.

°Er isst nicht, er frisst! - This could mean that he either eats a lot or that he doesn't eat very cleanly.

°Ich hatte eine Fressattacke. ~ I binge ate. (Once again, a lot of food was consumed.)

°The German word for obesity is 'Adipositas', but a lot of people also call it 'Fettsucht' (~ addiction to fat) or 'Fresssucht'.

November 16, 2015


der Junge isst

der Hund frisst

What's the difference between a boy and a dog?

October 10, 2015


fressen is for animals, while essen is for humans and animals. Using fressen with a human can be a serious insult

November 25, 2015


Germans say a different verb for "eating" for animals. Like in English we say that livestock feeds, and we eat.

January 30, 2016


It sounds like there is a "ch" sound between "und" and "der." Is that important for German pronunciation or is that just a glitch?

November 3, 2015


Personally, I think it's just the computer generated voice. I've never heard german speakers say "undch der", (with that pronunciation). I'm sure you'd sound more foreign to non-german speakers though. ;)

November 4, 2015
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