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  5. "What is he doing?"

"What is he doing?"

Translation:Hva driver han med?

October 10, 2015



What exactly does å drive (med) mean as a verb in isolation? Is it ever used by itself as the other verbs used to portray continuous-ness are? (ligger, sitter, står...)


'to drift'

  • "Båten drev ut på havet" "The boat drifted out to the sea"

'to run (a business)'

  • "Hun driver en gård" = "She's running a farm"

'to do (something)'

  • "Han driver og pusler" = "He's solving a jigsaw puzzle"

'to chase (off/away)'

  • "Den driver bort fiskene" = "It's chasing away the fishes"

'to wander about'

  • "He drev rundt i byen" = "They wandered about in the city"


What's the difference between a gjore and a drive med? Is the latter more "continuous"?


In German there is no continuous form. So I would use the word "gerade": Was macht er gerade?


Is there any rule if you take driver or holder? Sitter, står and ligger seems more clear to me

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