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  5. "Krabben er en mulig lunsj."

"Krabben er en mulig lunsj."

Translation:The crab is a possible lunch.

October 11, 2015



'The crab is a possible lunch' Is it really a correct sentence in English?


It's not incorrect, but it also wouldn't be the most common way to phrase it (at least not in Australian English). We'd be more inclined to say "[The] crab is a possibility for lunch".

But the English above is of course a literal translation of the Norwegian sentence, so as to not be confusing, and that's just how the sentiment would be grammatically put together in norsk, so...


But the sentence sounds strange in Norwegian, too. We would not usually say "krabben", but "Krabbe er ...", unless we had caught one single crab ourselves.


Perhaps the context is like, one guy has a pet crab, his friends are all hungry and broke, then someone says "krabben er en mulig lunsj" [all turn their heads slowly, staring at mr krabby]


Read it in David Attenborough's voice and it will make sense... =)


Exactly the scenario I had in mind!

"The crab is a possible lunch... But the seal is still hesitant. "


We're mulling over our decision while looking at thr menu


Run Sebastian ruuuun!!!


Totally awkward English in North America, Australia, NZ, and UK. No one would say that, unless it was a student learning English and making a mistake!


Sounds like one of Tom Hanks' thoughts in Cast Away

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