"Biz ne yiyeceğiz?"

Translation:What will we eat?

October 11, 2015

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Ne pronunciation of "yiyeceğiz" is exactly how? I hear less syllables than what is written? /yice:z/?


If I hear this phrase (without seeing it written, of course) I would never figure out what is being said. Too many letters are unpronounced.


Why is "What shall we eat?" not accepted?


That sounds to me more as if you're looking for suggestions, so would be closer to Turkish Ne yiyelim? than to Ne yiyeceğiz?, the simple future.


That is one meaning, I think, but "shall" is (or used to be?) also used instead of "will" in sentences of future in first person singular and first person plural. What is your opinion?


My opinion is that this usage is obsolescent - still present in some older or conservative speakers (and, no doubt, in some textbooks, which sometimes fail to keep up with the language as it is actually spoken but instead teach some idealised conservative variety) but not observed by the majority of native English speakers.

That said, I have heard of this distinction as well, so you could make a case for having it be an accepted translation and reporting it - there are probably still native speakers who speak this way, after all, so it can't be considered wrong.


To me the cognitation in that sentence is present tense. To futurise I'd say "what shall we eat later?".


Why is the response of "What will we eat?" marked wrong?


what happened to yermek so it become like this


The verb here is not yermek,but rather yemek. It is a slightly irregular verb in that the -e in the stem sometimes becomes an -i. Then you add the future tense marker _(y)AcAk and the person ending -(y)Iz and you get yiyeceğiz :)

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