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"The refrigerator was produced in China."

Translation:Kjøleskapet ble produsert i Kina.

October 11, 2015



Can you use "var" instead of "ble" in general, or is this a particular situation?


You can use both "bli" and "være" to construct the passive form. With verbs that express action that take place over a longer period of time the meaning is the same. With verbs that express action in a more limited period of time, there is a difference in emphasis. With "bli" it is on the action, with "være" on the state after the action was completed.


Where å bli would be correct (i.e. in context where there is some sense of 'becoming'), you can generally also sub in å være (a simpler sense of just 'existing') and not have a problem, you're right.

Just keep in mind it doesn't work so well the other way, so you can't replace å være with å bli in most instances and expect it to stay correct :)


Shouldn't it be, "The refridgerator was made in China"?


I loooooooove refrigerators!

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