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"Litt frost gjør meg ingenting."

Translation:A little frost does not bother me.

October 11, 2015



I've found three Frozen references so far (unless it's just a coincidence?) Norwegian Frozen is one of my primary norsk-learning tools, so.


I totally failed because I automatically added the "anyway" at the end. :D


"Frozen" reference


Fordi du er norsk!


Could you say: "Litt frost bryr meg ikke."

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How about, "A little frost means nothing to me"?


I agree - I too translated the sentence as ‘A little frost means noting to me’ , but it was not accepted.


"The cold never bother me anyway"


So, "gjøre" can also translate to "bother"?


I am writing this comment because it would not let me report "My answer should be accepted"- I just made a small spelling error (I wrote "ingen ting" as two words)- I don't think an accidental space should make my whole translation unacceptable...


I mean, it is wrong to use the space, and it's better that duolingo catches such mistakes in case the user doesn't know that it's wrong to separate compound words in Norwegian.


Well, yes- I definitely agree that the mistake should be pointed out, so that we know that it is a mistake, but the entire answer should not be counted wrong. On other exercises (in both the Norwegian course and in the other courses), when there is a small mistake (e.g. an unnecessary space, a wrongly-placed punctuation mark, a missing diacritic, one wrong letter, etc.), then the program usually accepts the answer, but simply says "Almost correct" and specifies what the mistake was. That is all I am suggesting here.

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