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  5. "Mannen vasker skjorta si."

"Mannen vasker skjorta si."

Translation:The man is cleaning his shirt.

October 11, 2015



I still get a little bit confused as when to use "si". would the sentence still make sense if i wrote "mannen vasker hans skjorta" or no? Thank you :)


"Mannen vasker hans skjorte."
"Mannen vasker skjorta hans."

These would both imply that he was washing another man's shirt, but are otherwise valid sentences. When you use "si" it means that it's his own shirt he's washing.


Si? Why not "sin" or sitt?


Since skjorte has the feminine form skjorta the possessive pronoun is si, it points back to the gender of the object (the shirt). Skjorte can also get the masculine form skjorten (it's a dialectical preference whether to choose m or f) and the possessive would be sin

Sitt applies to neuter nouns.


I think that written bokmål tends to use the masculine form: skjorten.


Does this sentence mean "The man is washing his shirt"


Vasker means both wash and clean? What's the independent word for clean? Or more precisely cleaning?


I use rense about cleaning stuff without the use of water/fluids (or with minimal amount of fluids). And sometimes if it is an especially thorough sort of washing. I would normally be satisfied with washing my hair (vaske håret), but every now and then I'd want to cleanse it (rense håret). Yes, I just discovered that we would say rense for both cleanse and clean.

You wash your hands and clean your nails. Du vasker hendene og renser neglene.

A dry-cleaner is et renseri.


Veldig interessant! Mange takk, grydolva! : )


You can also use "rengjøre" for cleaning. "I am cleaning the house = Jeg rengjør huset" Notice how it's rengjør and not rengjører in present tense. Rengjøre literally means "clean-do", you're doing clean!


More idiomatically, ‘å rengjøre’ could be literally translated as “to make clean”; ‘å gjøre’=“to do|make”, ‘ren’=“clean”.


Cleaning is the same as washing in my opinion


How about washing and not cleaning clothes?

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