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is there any problem on android version?

İ cant pass any lesson on my android phone but there is no problem when i do on my pc. Is there any problem on android version or just me?

November 11, 2013



Hi onurustafb! I have a few questions so that we can troubleshoot this better on our side. Is the app crashing when you finish? Do you get points when completing? What kind of internet connection are you on? Does any error message pop up? Are you sure you're on the latest version of the Android app (if not definitely make sure you are!)? What language is your phone set on? Sorry for all the questions :) We just want to help you the best that we can.


thanks for quick answer. there is no error messages or crash after finish tests and i get points. i tried on wifi and mobile there is no diffrence. i am sure im using latest version and turkish is my default setting. wow its like a little quiz :) anyway i read on some forums there are some others have same problem with me. they says only android version have this problem. on pc and ios works properly.


Did you try reinstalling the app ?


Hi guys, i have the same problem and even reinstalled it a few times. Also last night i send an Android feedback email about it.


sometimes when I just click somthing it goes to error 404,I mean WHAT THE HECK!

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