"Der Schrank ist leer."

Translation:The cupboard is empty.

October 11, 2015



I think Duo knows the old ryhme, “Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard, to fetch her poor dog a bone, And when she went (came/got) there, the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none.”

July 15, 2018


We learned Kuhlshrank in school, which was fridge. Naturally DL now disowns it.

May 20, 2017


Every fridge is somehow also a cabinet/cupboard, but not every cabinet/cupboard is a fridge.

Jeder Kühlschrank ist irgendwie auch ein Schrank, aber nicht jeder Schrank ist ein Kühlschrank.

April 26, 2019


Can't der Schrank also be translated with 'the press' or 'the cupboard'?

January 18, 2016


I translated to "the cupboard" and it worked.

January 29, 2016


What about 'closet'?

April 10, 2016


Should work just fine. When we lived in Germany "Schrank" was used for wardrobe/ free standing closet/armoire all the time. I think technically it may be "Kleiderschrank or Wandschrank" but I don't remember ever having heard people using that longer form when speaking colloquially. Although that may depend on the region. In the US they do not really use the (physical) free standing wardrobe/armoire ones, more the build in ones which are called a closet. Generally here, if you use wardrobe or armoire for an in build closet people look at you funny, if they even know what it means.

here are some links: http://www.dict.cc/?s=Schrank, http://en-de.dict.cc/?s=closet, http://context.reverso.net/translation/english-german/closet

April 14, 2016


In the US cupboards are usually attached to the walls in the kitchen, either above or the counters. I don't think I've ever heard an American use the word for any other storage place.

August 5, 2018


"The cabinet is vacant." was rejected.

"The cabinet is empty." was accepted.


July 7, 2019


Diese Hündin ist leer YEET

August 5, 2019
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