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"Han bruker all sin tid å skrive bøker."

Translation:He spends all his time on writing books.

October 11, 2015



when do you use på and when do you use til before a verb in the infinitive


'å bruke tid på' it is learned like this. There is no logic in preposition use in Norwegian. Memorise it. Translated directly it is 'He is spending all his time for to write books.'


Why på and å together?


The verb is in infinitive, å skrive.


If don't want to translate "på", do we have to write it, when we don't want to say "...on writing...", but rather "...to write..."?


I think a natural English sentence could be "He spends all his time writing books". It's without the on but not in infinitive.. In the accepted versions are also "He spends all his time to write books". Personally I think it's odd but I'm a Norwegian:-)


No, you're write. "He spends all his time to write books" is a very, very awkward English sentence, and wouldn't be said by a native English speaker.


I have to admit I still don't get why på is here, it's little things like this I really need to get into my head.


One may use "on" in English, but it is not required. In fact, it sounds stilted.

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