"He came in time despite his sickness."

Translation:È venuto in tempo nonostante la malattia.

3 years ago



Why not puntualmente for in time ?

3 years ago

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È venuto in tempo: the meeting starts at 20, he arrived in a reasonable time span (20:00-20:10), not late and in any case did not miss the meeting. È arrivato puntuale: He arrived at 20:00. That's how I perceive them, that's what I think if you tell me those two sentences. Obviously it's a bit subjective.

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puntualmente = on time

in tempo = in time

10 months ago


shouldn't "his sickness" be "la sua malattia" or is this some special case where you don't need the "sua" to indicate possession?

2 years ago


In sentences like this one the "his" can be implied because the person who was on time is the same person who is sick. If another person is sick, then you say " la sua malattia"

1 year ago
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