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  5. "Die Kühe trinken Wasser."

"Die Kühe trinken Wasser."

Translation:The cows drink water.

October 11, 2015



Because that's the dative plural form, but here die Kühe is the subject and so has to be in the nominative case.


There is a dative change for nouns too?? i dont think I will be able to master German :( I thought dative changes only for the articles


Yes, nearly all nouns add an -en or -n in the dative plural if they don't already end in -n or in -s.

Also, masculine and neuter nouns often add an -(e)s in the genitive, e.g. des Vaters "of the father".

That's about it, though; there used to be a masculine/neuter dative ending -e but this is now just about obsolete except in fixed expressions such as zu Hause.


Can you kindly elaborate on this? Lets take below mentioned example,

"Kühe trinken Wasser" = Cows drink water "Enten sind Vögel" = Ducks are birds

Why not Kuhen, but Enten is proper?


Different nouns form their plural in different ways.

Most feminine nouns in -e have a plural in -en, e.g. die Ente - die Enten

But die Kuh dies not end in -e. The plural of that noun happens to be die Kühe.

Plurals can be in -e, -en, -er, -s, or with no ending; and with or without umlaut.

In general, you have to learn the plural together with the word, since it's not generally predictable.


Like in English: not all plural are the same:

  • the human, the humans

  • the man, the men

  • the sheep, the sheep

-the child, the children

In english most plurals end on -s nowadays, but German kept, along with its cases, all its irregular plurals.


-.- i really dont like the man when he speaks, i feel he slurs his words or rushes and its not very clear. ( for me at least ) I have to make him "slow down" so i can understand it and translate properly... I got this one wrong like 4 times trying to do it without the slowing.


I understand that it can be frustrating, but most native German speakers speak this fast and slurred as well (if not more). In a way, this is kind of preparing you for 'real-world German', if I can call it that ;)


lol good to know -.- <3 thanks for the heads up hehe


The word 'drink' was not available. Only 'drinking'.


The word 'drink' was not available. Only 'drinking'.

Then you could have written "The cows are drinking water", right?

That's another translation of the German sentence.


Finally! A normal sentence!

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