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"Every day I am in the laboratory at least for ten hours."

Translation:Her gün en az on saat laboratuvardayım.

October 11, 2015



What is the grammatical difference between 'en az' and 'en azindan' , one sounds like 'the least' and the other 'from the least'. When is it appropriate to use each?


They are used in two different contexts, I hope these examples help:

  1. I eat at least 2 apples a day. This requires "en az"

  2. He didn't come to my birthday party, but at least he called. This requires "en azından"


Is it wrong to say on saat için?


With 'için' you indicate for whose benefit something is. This 'for' expresses duration.


"I am in the laboratory for at least ten hours every day."


Ben her gün laboratuvardayım en az on saattır

what is the wrong with this answer?


There are two issues.

1) Your word order is off. It could possible be said like this in spoken Turkish, but written Turkish is a bit more stringent in its word order. Verbs (or nouns/adjectives with the personal suffix) should come at the end of the sentence. " laboratuvardayım" needs to be at the end.

2). "saattır" cannot be used here. You can only use the -DIr suffix on time expressions from ongoing action. This is talking about a general habit and is not current ongoing action. It would be used in a situation like "I have been living here for two years" (it is still happening) or "I have been reading for an hour" (it is still happening). :)

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