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"Guardiamo dentro quell'edificio."

Translation:We look inside that building.

November 11, 2013



Okay, slight rant to follow...Why in the name of heaven bother to put a single hint if it is incorrect. It sets the student up for failure. It is simply not fair. If you can't give the correct translation somewhere in the hints, then don't freaking bother to put the hint in at all!!! It makes me so angry...End of rant.


Did you report the hint problem? --The hint probably worked for another problem but failed to apply to all situations.


My sentiments exactly!


Does anyone else have a problem with quell'edificio being picked up when you say it? When I said the rest, it didn't hear me.


This happened to me several times as well, regardless of my speech tempo, pitch modulation, the decibel level of my voice, or the distance of my mouth from the computer's microphone.


How about 'we watch inside that building?'


it should be fine.


I tried "within" and was marked wrong. :-(


Oh, rats! I thought I'd happily learned that "quell'" is short for "quello," used w/ nouns taking "lo" as an article. But now it's "quell'edificio," not "quel." ?? Aaaarrgggh!


what about palazzo


Can this be translated as guard, please? Like work as guards in that building?


"Guardare" does not mean "to guard" but rather "to watch" or "to look." "To guard" in Italian could be "stare in guardia" (literally "to stand guard") or one of 3 or 4 other words that mean different shades of the English verb "to guard."


"Guardiamo dentro A quell'edificio" è corretto...(?!)


My answer was perfect except that I did not capitalize guardiamo. Why was it wrong this time if no other? Does not make sense.


That does seem strange. I have never seen that happen before. Though Duo isn't perfect, usually when I believe that my perfect answer was marked wrong I eventually find some little error that I've made. Be sure to use the Report button so that eventually the moderators can review it.


I'm having some trouble distinguishing the difference between this and that, these and those. I wrote "we look inside this building" and was marked wrong.


What I think of, to remember which is which, is both "questo" and "this" have an S in them

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