"Hasta mısın?"

Translation:Are you sick?

October 11, 2015

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What's difference between misin ,musun misiniz,musunuz


Couldn't this also mean "Are you a patient?"?


'Are you unwell? was marked incorrect. Hasta means unwell.


Does Turkish have different words for "sick" and "ill"?


"Ill" and "sick" has different meanings in British and American as far as I know. So from the American point of view I think "hasta" is "sick". "Ill" can be translated as "fena" both in the sense like "an ill behaviour" "fena bir davranış", or like in the sense "I am ill" as "fenayım". You can also use the word "rahatsız" which literally means "unconfortable".


They mean the same thing to me in English so I'm not sure what difference you are going for.

(Unless you mean the colloquial meaning of "sick" in the UK meaning "nauseous, wanting to vomit".)


I think what they are talking about is the difference between ill "of the body" (having the flu, heart disease, cancer, malaria, common cold,...etc) and ill "of the mind" (being a psychopath, narcassist, paranoid, manic, depressive, ...etc). Do the words ill and sick have any predilection towards either of the meanings? And is there a Turkish equivalent?


Aside from rather formal phrases such as "ill informed", we don't really use "ill" at all in Australia. It just sounds to me like a posh way of saying "sick".


I used to teach English. And I remember that especially the female students avoided the word "sick" altogether, because of the Turkish word "sik". In the end, I gave up and said: "Fine, use ill all the time if that makes you happy."

So... I encouraged the poshness. ;p


Quite right! We chunder downunder.

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