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"Manden løber langt væk, da han finder brødknive i skabet."

Translation:The man runs far away when he finds bread knives in the cabinet.

October 12, 2015



can someone please explain why it is not "når han finder...", the verbs are in the present form


I think the use of "da" is according to point 2 at https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=da,3&query=da , or one of the points at https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=da,2&query=da. But the explanations are still a bit too challenging for me. It would be nice to have a native speaker comment.


"når" is used about repeated instances. So here it would indicate that the action of finding those knives in the cupboard is something that happens regularly and that the person runs away everytime. "Da" only indicates that the man runs away in this (hopefully) single instance.


This seems to say that "når" should be the correct choice for this sentence, as the verb is in present tense.


What does this even mean?!


It means he has an irrational fear of bread knives ;)


brødknive + et skab = en nødsituation


Why it is "da" with "finder"? not should it be "når finder" or in other way "da fundet"?


Not really sure, but here's my guess: the sentence is describing something in the past.

The order of events is that he finds the bread knives first, and then he runs away (he runs away when/if he finds the bread knives).


what about runs a long way away?


I agree with eavanlennep. Surely 'a long way away' is also OK - and more natural English.


Saw this down-voted, but I agree that it seems at least as natural. Maybe a regional preference in wording? (USA, West coast for me.)


If this sentence wants to say "The man runs far away EVERY TIME he finds bread knives in the cabinet", the correct connecting word is "når" and not "da".

But "da" can also mean "because". That's why the correct English translation could also be "The man runs far away BECAUSE he finds bread knives in the cabinet"

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