"Wir kommen aus Deutschland."

Translation:We come from Germany.

October 12, 2015



I put "We are arriving from Germany". Is that not right?

October 12, 2015


"arrive" is most straightforwardly "ankommen", so that would be "Wir kommen aus Deutschland an".

October 12, 2015


What's the difference among "I come from..." And "I am coming from... " and then "I am from..." In germany???

June 2, 2016


"I am from" means you were born there and "I come from" can mean both that you were born there or that you're moving from that place to this place, it's the same in English and German. And when I learned German in school we called verbs such as ankommen "click-verbs", because they break up and the first part of the verb goes to the end of the sentence and when forming past tense, the ge- goes between,

so ankommen -> an-kommen -> Ich komme an, du kommst an,...

and with past ankommen -> angekommen

February 17, 2017

[deactivated user]

    Lol, sausage verbs, that can be sliced up, right?

    September 15, 2018


    The most difference is present continous

    June 6, 2018


    you've learned so much language and in high level, so cool. Do you think you should learn Vietnamese?

    May 1, 2016


    No, I don't.

    I've got a long list of languages I would like to learn, but there's no "should" on any of them.

    May 1, 2016



    September 11, 2018


    Can kommen also mean come? If I were to say follow me would it be, mit kommen?

    November 4, 2015


    The basic meaning of "kommen" is "come", yes.

    "mitkommen" is to come along with someone, to accompany -- it's one word in the infinitive, but it separates in some other tenses (e.g. "ich komme mit", rather than *"ich mitkomme", or command "Komm mit!").

    November 5, 2015


    It's all about the kommitment.

    September 2, 2017


    "We came from Germany" sounds better than "we come from Germany"

    October 14, 2015


    "Where do you come from?" - "We come from Germany."

    It's a common way to ask about someone's national origin, and it's in the present tense.

    October 14, 2015


    Yeah. Coming from somewhere in the past may be a good way to put it but it ain't perfect. Sorry terrible grammar joke. Couldn't help it.

    September 12, 2018



    January 17, 2017


    You can also say we are coming from Germany,if it sounds better...It does for me

    October 26, 2015


      I disagree. As a native-speaker of English, "We come from..." definitely sounds more natural. "We are coming from..." sounds more like "Right now we are travelling from..." rather than "I spent the early part of my life in..." which is what this sentence means.

      January 7, 2016


      How did it get the exonym Germany?

      November 5, 2015


      Short answer: From Latin Germania for a certain region, of uncertain origin.

      Long answer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_Germany#Names_from_Germania

      November 5, 2015


      Is there something like Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense in German??

      January 10, 2016


        There's no 'present continuous' in German. Duolingo explains it a little bit in the introduction to a later lesson (view in a web browser, not the app, and scroll down - you might need to unlock the lesson first).

        Often this means that without context the 'simple present' tense in German can be translated as either 'simple present' or 'present continuing' in English. But sometimes one form in English will make more sense.

        To clearly express 'present continuing' in German, you have to add extra words to the sentence.

        January 10, 2016


        So what would 'we come in peace' be?

        March 8, 2016


        "Wir kommen in Frieden."

        March 8, 2016


        How do i make ot so i dont have to speak at all? Because im doing this in class and i cant speak in class

        June 3, 2019


        I noticed that it said "we get germany" when I checked underneath. But it said we are from germany is right. Is that my stupidity or something else?

        October 30, 2015


        No, it's just that no English speaker is going to say "we get Germany". That's only unless you are talking about Hetilia (an anime).

        November 4, 2015



        November 9, 2015


        What is the diffirent between Deutschland and Germany ???

        March 17, 2016


        "Deutschland" is the German name for the country and "Germany" is the English name of the country.

        Both words refer to the same country, so in that sense there is no difference.

        March 17, 2016


        That sounds nearly like "Er kommen aus Deutschland", confused me a few times.

        July 3, 2016


        Could this also mean "We are German" ?

        August 9, 2016


        No that would be Wir sind Deustch.

        December 14, 2016


        In the US (or perhaps this is just my area) we would use this for someone who is actually from the country in question. If we say I am German or we are from Germany can mean both from the country itself but also it could also mean ancestry. As in we are German (of German decent) or we are from Germany (my family came from Germany generations ago). Is this the same in German where depending on the context you could use both or is there a better way to make that distinction?

        December 14, 2016


        This really know to be tricky... The narrator says ''WIR KOMMEN aus Deutschland'', but I heard ''WILlKOMMEN''. xD Pay attention, and listen closely, if you don't know German grammar, you can answer incorrect. :) This is just an advice for beginners.

        December 15, 2016


        i thought is said welcome to germany

        January 1, 2017


        When to use which form

        January 15, 2017


        "Wir kommen" sounds very much like "Willkommen"! How can I distinguish between them?

        June 9, 2017


        Hi what is the correct pronunciation of ,,Komme,,Thanks

        September 30, 2017


        First time starting this so I guessed. I put "we are from Germany" and it was right but the translation is "we come from Germany" when you click on the words. Does that translate both ways in English?

        January 14, 2018


        Nope, it is accepted because essentially it means the same.

        When you say “I come from Germany” that could mean you just arrived from there or that it is your country of origin. So, in the second meaning, it is the same as saying “I am from Germany” and that’s why it’s accepted.

        January 14, 2018


        I put "we come from germany" and it said i was incorrect

        August 19, 2018


        I accidentally spelled "welcome from germany" instead of "we come." Good old auto correct on android phone. The irony is Duo said it was right. It is obviously wrong. How does that get reported and fixed?

        October 13, 2018


        Why is 'We are coming from Germany' incorrect?

        March 1, 2019


        Because your origin is a permanent fact, not an action that is taking place right now.

        Hence the appropriate tense is present simple: We come from Germany / We are from Germany.

        March 1, 2019


        We're from Germany. Is that not correct again!!

        March 30, 2019


        I put"we are coming from Germany" is that not right?

        April 27, 2019


        Indeed, "we are coming from Germany" is not considered right.

        Your national origin is a permanent truth, so we use the simple present: "we come from Germany."

        May 1, 2019


        Whaaaa why not : we come from germany ( i was on a 17 streak)

        September 28, 2016


        "we are coming from germany" why is it wrong?

        April 15, 2019


        Please see the comment thread started by Pablo258618, instead of asking the same question again.

        April 15, 2019


        I swear the audio was "AUF" but it said auf was wrong

        February 12, 2016


        Could have sworn it said "Willkommen auf Deutschland"...

        August 23, 2016


        Same, which would translate to "Welcome to Germany".

        October 20, 2016


        If Germany were an island, then it would indeed mean that :)

        Since it's not, Willkommen in Deutschland is better.

        October 20, 2016


        When you are German,you say , Ich komme von Deutchland.

        November 1, 2016


        No. You might say that if you're a learner, but if you're a German, you'd rather say, "Ich komme aus Deutschland".

        November 1, 2016


        WTF its is the same why it telling me its a mistake

        April 21, 2016


        I put we are come from Hermany. That's right

        May 23, 2016


        No, it is not.

        "We are come" is very old English and I would consider it wrong nowadays, and there is no country called "Hermany" in English.

        May 23, 2016
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