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"Meine Enkelin isst einen Apfel."

Translation:My granddaughter is eating an apple.

October 12, 2015



I almost thought she said "ist", thinking it was another silly sentence from Duo. XD


The context should help you distinguish "ist" and "isst".

The verb "sein" (ist) has a linking function, so it takes the Nominative "ein Apfel":

  • Meine Enkelin ist ein Apfel. = My granddaughter is an apple.

"An apple" is in the Akkusativ form "einen Apfel" because the apple receives the action:

  • Meine Enkelin isst einen Apfel. = My granddaughter eats (is eating) an apple.


In fact, the Akkusativ form actually helped solve the mystery whether she is an apple or she is eating one)))


Same here. I was looking away as i listened to the sentence, and i just looked back at my phone with the most concerned face.


Same thing with me


Glad it's not just me


Why does is pronounce En-Ge-Lin and En-Ke-Lin? Which one's correct?


i thought it said his granddaughter was a apple, but since duo has so many weird sentences i almost shrugged it off


easy enough to follow but why is it not Grobtochter (sorry i don't know how to do the funny b in here) for grand daughter?


Because you specific word for that, which is die Enkelin. It's the same in some other languages.


well we have grandmother, grandfather, grandson and granddaughter so i don't see how it could not have been grobtochter particularly with all the other words which combine two words.


    Lose that thinking and you'll have more fun learning German. Discovering that another language has a unique word for something that you'd need to describe or use a compound word for in your own language can be enlightening.

    English uses "niece" and "nephew", but maybe some other language just calls them both "sibling-child" or something.

    I enjoyed learning that there's a single word for "leaf litter" in German: Laub


    It is a double 's', not a 'b'. This ß. You should get the right keyboard for your computer, upload one or change settings. I'm not really sure how to use it.


    All he has to do is hold the Alt key and press 0223. Then eszett appears :)


    If the numbers are on top of your keyboard you can't use codes/shortcuts for eszetts.


    Thanks, I was thinking there was something wrong white my driving system or it was something with Windows 10 that has it's growing problems, I find a solution with using a keyboard on my screen.:)


    Maybe he has a azerty-fingerboard, like me, it's not easy when your upload is querty


    If you aren't able to use ß, you should use ss instead, as in Grosspater. And ae/oe/ue instead of ä/ö/ü.


      Grossvater*, at least.

      The rules about using those spellings are only if it's impossible to spell them correctly. In my opinion, you might as well learn to type them correctly if you're serious about learning German. This page has instructions for every platform.


      Entschuldigung, Ich verwechsele meinen Deutsch und mein Latein. [Ist das richtig?]

      By the way, I've seen native examples of those substitutes being used when an umlaut would be just as easy. I'm not sure if they're 'incorrect' per se, but rather just alternative forms.


        The rule I stated is for German Hochdeutsch. Regional variations have different rules (i.e. Swiss).


        If you are on mobile, if you hold down on the 's', it should come up with a German 'b'. For laptop/computer I'm not sure, but I normally just copy and paste :)


        If you don't have a "ß" use "ss" because that's the sound it makes plus "ss" is accepted by duo, but in the real world "ss" is not an actual substitute for "ß" if you've been trying to hold down "b" for the "ß" symbol try holding down "s"


        For Android devices you can press and hold the s key and the esset (B) character will pop up. This also works for the accents over vowel characters


        why is my "granddaughter eats an apple" marked wrong?


        How can 'my granddaughter eats an apple' be marked wrong?


        Did the audio on this get cutoff for anyone else? For me it sounds like: "Meine Enkelin isst einen Apf".

        I mistook the audio "isst" for "ist" so I thought maybe "Apf" was a word I didn't know and was wondering what the granddaughter was!


        Why is not accepted "niece" instead of "grand daughter"?

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