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Moderators needed

Hello everyone!

Recently I noticed there's a feature that allows you to comment every single sentence practiced. At first glance it seems to be a very helpful thing but after a few minutes it gets very annoying and most important troublesome. Most of the comments do not help at all and it seems some people find it really funny to deliberately give bad answers or simply spam.

Can we ask for some limits when it comes to putting comments? It is really hard to learn from comments making absolutely no sense. Please, try to find out a good solution so the whole study is much more pleasant. Personally I found much more enjoyable to learn at Duolingo without any comments.

Thank you. Peter

January 5, 2013



I agree, this is a problem and we'll work on fixing it. One question though: why is it more enjoyable to learn without comments, when you can simply not look at them.


I personally like them a lot when they are presented in the context of the question I just answered. Please, do not remove them. As you pointed out, people that don't like, need only to ignore them.

On the other hand, these items add a lot of noise to the "language discussion" section. It would be nice if you could somehow filter them out from there and let the users see the independent questions posted.



I think the comments are often useful, but the biggest problem is that they are in many cases cluttered by a lot of discussion about translations that were previously not accepted by Duolingo. These comments are now just annoying and should be removed. See discussion about this issue here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/401158


I enjoy the comments. A report function to report obscene or dangerously misleading comments is really all that is need here.


Agreed. Let users report certain comments and filter them out automatically when they reach a threshold.


At first I appreciated reading those comments also because they included some of my own questions. Then I started reading people posting nonsense. Then I realized that they all showed up in the discussions stream, burying any useful comments. When I was working through the Spanish skill tree I found a lots of other resources recommended by other learners in the general discussion. That's now lost in all the individual training sentences posted with comments.


Since that feature was implemented (comments on any sentence) I have come to believe that probably our "Experts" have become tired of answering questions or comments, because some of them haven't shown up for quite a while...

Only other learners actually answer those. At least that is the case on the French program.

I respond to all, systematically, because I can do it and I am willing to. I have to repeat myself hundred of times because some learners are either too lazy to check whether their issue has already been raised and answered to, or because they don't know to "search" in the Discussion forum.

I have noticed the arrival of a bunch of new, young learners whose tone & manners are not always what I (you as well) would expect. Whenever that happens, I comment on it.

I have also noticed that Anglophones are not that many (learning French, I mean). Therefore, there are also hundreds of questions on English language that too few even bother to answer to. I do when I can, but I am French.

The worst case is to deal with people having never learnt any foreign language, particularly when it comes to hearing, identifying and recognizing new sounds. And the voice-off being far too often sub-optimal, many learners are having hard times (and respondents as well).

As a conclusion, I would suggest Duolingo to post instructions ("how to") in order to limit pollution in the Discussion forum. Could you insert another section for that - of course in all key languages?

Many thanks.


Thanks so much for your help answering questions. We plan to post some better instructions today.


Agreed. I don't understand how people can argue that something should be correct when they don't speak the language yet. They are learning!


sometimes these people have learned enough to know that there are errors in the program! which, at least in french, there are some obvious ones in later lessons.


I am sorry, I should have made it clear. It used to be much more pleasant when I didn't have that option featured. When someone is so eager to learn he/she looks everywhere for an answer. Why shouldn't I take a look at comments when available? I just find frustrating when I find that some of the answers or advice are pointless.

Thank you for taking care of it.


Comments have been a distraction for me too. Every once in a while there is a good one but not very often. The need to decide when to gamble and look at them and when not too is my problem. Of course, half the time, people are looking for feedback before using the other "my answer should be accepted" option. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea (to have comments), but is it in practice?


When beginning French I looked at every comment section. After some time I just started looking when I thought it would be helpful. Sometimes I look out of curiosity.

Some of the comments seem to be from non-native English speakers. Some seem to be the product of idle minds. Some posters seem to want to argue some point with the computer (?!!?). Some commenters such as SiteSurf are a vital part of the learning process.

There is one good suggestion in this thread which is to have the ability to draw attention to more obvious examples of time wasting so as to have them removed. This assumes that there is someone who has nothing better to do with their unpaid (by me) time than remove extraneous material from something that is a side issue to the main purpose of the program.

Other than that if you don't like it don't look. If you like the good but can't stand the bad then only look when you feel the need for possible help. If you are interested in looking at other students reactions, good or bad, then spend a lot of time looking at them.

It's pretty simple really.


Very wise (and very nice to me, thanks).


There is another reason why I would appreciate a report function in the discussion forum: I have seen some replies that are plainly offensive and I would like to indicate that they should be removed. Is there a way to do this at the moment?


It seems to take only a couple of down votes to place them in the hidden comments section. Once there you have to actively look for them before they can come to your attention.

Which is why I don't think we need moderators. Students can just vote comments off the island if they don't like them.


The post will indeed be visible, but will still be there, accessible for anyone. More importantly, in this system, the person who posted the offensive comment will not be punished. I think this would make it quite easy for someone to continue insulting people or harassing them otherwise on the forum.

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