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"Wir sind Frauen und ihr seid Männer."

Translation:We are women and you are men.

October 12, 2015

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when to use 'sind' and when to use 'seid'


ich bin
du bist
er ist
wir sind
ihr seid
sie/Sie sind

"We are women" is first person plural = "wir sind", and "you are men" is second person plural = "ihr seid".


Why do wir(we) and sie(she) both use sind? Do they share similarities?


There are three different forms for "sie"("Sie") in German:
1. ich (I)
2. du (informal "you")
3. er/sie/es (he/she/it)
1. wir (we)
2. ihr (informal "you")
3. sie/Sie (they/ formal "you")

"we" and "she" don't have the same conjugated verb. "She" is the third person singular, just like "er" and "es" and gets conjugated the same way. However, the conjugated verb of the third person plural (they/the formal "you") is indeed always identical to that of the first person plural (we). So it's:
"sie ist eine Frau" = "she is a woman"
"sie sind Frauen" = "they are women"
"Sie sind Frauen" = "you are women".
As to why that is, I never thought about it. I just see the second person plural (ihr) as the outlier, messing up the identical plural forms :)
[the formal "you" is used in both singular and plural, but it is conjugated like the third person plural, which is why I put it there]


I am writing "We are woman and you are men" and it keeps saying incorrect.


It is "We are womEn (plural) and you are men"


what is the difference between wir?, and wer and how do i know when is wer and when is wir?


wer = how wir = we . is this simple ?


When to use du and when to use ihr?


Use du when you are speaking to one person whom you know well.

Use ihr when you are speaking to several people whom you know well.

Use Sie when you are speaking to one or more people whom you do not know well.


So we use 'sind' for women and 'seid' for men?


No; you use sind for wir (we) and you use seid for ihr (you, plural, informal).

sind also goes with sie (they) and with Sie (you, formal).

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