Translation:I beg your pardon?

October 12, 2015

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I wonder why it is not included in here that Bitte is a response to Danke as well. I have heard many germans from Friends, to Random German Streamers on Twitch use Bitte as a response to Danke.


Here's a short article about the many meanings of bitte.


What are the ways I can use "Bitte"?


It can mean;

Please - "Please speak slower" is "Bitte sprechen Sie langsamer" (formal) or "Bitte sprich langsamer" (informal)

Pardon - A friend asks you something, and you don't catch the question, you could say "Bitte?"

You're welcome - "Thank you for the money" "You're welcome" - "Danke für das Geld" "Bitte"

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