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  5. "Sie rettet den Prinzen."

"Sie rettet den Prinzen."

Translation:She rescues the prince.

October 12, 2015

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Why is PRINZEN used here and not Prinz. Sie rettet den Prinz. And what is plural of Prinz in german


Prinz is only nominative singular, it's Prinzen in all other cases, both singular and plural.


Some nouns are like that. They started out that way, and phrases involving them were so frequently used that they resisted grammar changes in other parts of the language.

Languages evolve over time. You might notice that the most irregular verbs are often the most frequently used of them. They've got inertia, and it helps them to resist change.


And the most irregular German noun is: Nom. der Name Gen. des Namens Dat. dem Namen Acc. den Namen


It happens with most masculine words ending with -e


There are some nouns that change to reflect the case they're in. With most nouns in german, only the article changes with case, but there are some nouns that do, too.

der Prinz, den/dem Prinzen, die Prinzen

der Präsident, den/dem Präsidenten, die Präsidenten

der Drache, den/dem Drachen, die Drachen

der Planet, den/dem Planeten, die Planeten

There are others, too, but those are a few examples for you.

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