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  5. "Es-tu l'auteur de ce livre ?"

"Es-tu l'auteur de ce livre ?"

Translation:Are you the author of that book?

January 5, 2013



I just learned that I have to use "ce mois-ci" and "cette heure-ci". Why isn't this "ce livre-ci"? Is "-ci" only needed when talking about time?


It is not false, but a bit of a heavy formulation, that we would probably avoid unless you want to put emphasis.


Think of it this way:

"Ce livre" can mean both "this book" or "that book" and is up to the récipients interpretation to déterminé if you meant this or that

The rule you just described would be if you want to exclusively refer to it as "this book" or "that book"

Ce livre - this/that book Ce-livre-ci - this book Ce-livre-lá - that book


is there supposed to be an accent over the u in "tu?"


There is an accent in Spanish, but not in French.

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