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Pronouncing lesson in iPhone?


My friend is learning french on his Android phone, and some of the lessons has him speaking into the phone to pronounce the sentences. I'm pretty far into norwegian but have yet to come across this feature. I just tried a lesson on my iMac and it wanted me to pronounce something. However, i tried the same lesson(s) in Chrome on my iPhone and didn't get any "speaking" lessons. Are those blocked from iPhones or something?

October 12, 2015

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I suspect it all has to do with your settings. I remember disabling it a little while so I could use the app in public and be considerate and haven't reenabled. However, I suspect the following to be useful:

On iPhone, go to your profile, then your settings. Ensure the slider for "Speaking Exercises" is enabled and make sure that the Duolingo app has permission to access the microphone in your iOS settings.

On Desktop, go to settings, and set "Microphone" to "On".

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