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  5. "Wir schauen aus dem Fenster."

"Wir schauen aus dem Fenster."

Translation:We are looking out of the window.

November 11, 2013



is it me or does 'aus' mean like 47 different things?

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Just like in English, prepositions can have many uses. For example, "The light is on" vs. "The cat is on the table".


No... that would be "Wir schauen vom Fenster (aus)."

Wir schauen vom Fenster aus auf die Stadt. = We are looking at the town from the window. The "aus" is optional.


Ok I am now totally confused. Are you saying that this example is bad German? Instead of Wir schauen aus dem Fenster, proper German would be Wir schauen vom Fenster (aus) Aus is optional in your example? what is the meaning of ausschauen?


I believe it is an answer to "Gandalf", down the page, which was written in the wrong place.

Hope I'm right


there are 4 german persons who just said it like duolingo


What if i say "Wir schauen durch das Fenster aus". Would it be the same meaning?


I answered "We are watching out of the window" and it was marked incorrect. Watching was listed as one of the translations for schauen. Why is it wrong?

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I'm not certain that this is the answer, but it may be the English usage is the issue. You can "look out of the window," but you "watch from the window." Both of these should fit the German sentence.

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The hints give many possible meanings to a word. In the context of a specific sentence, not all of these are necessarily valid.


Sie sieht gut aus She looks good.

Sie schaut aus dem Fenster She looks out the window

Sie sieht ihn an She looks at him.

German laughs at my feeble attempts to understand it.


Since "ausschauen" means to look through (the window), is there a way we can say "to stand outside and look inside through a window" with one verb? Is "einschauen" an existing word? :) I didn't find it, so I believe it isn't.. but still thought I could ask you guys.

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"ausschauen" does not mean "look through" but "to look (as in good/bad/etc.)", eg "Er schaut heute gut aus". But "schauen" can take a range of prepositions, such as "ich schaue in mein Buch", "ich schaue unter den Tisch" etc.


In this context, is "ausschauen" similar to "aussehen" ?


"Nicht Schauen" was translated by Duolingo as "Do not gaze" (Which already feels awkward to me), but here I tried "We gaze out the window" and it was marked incorrect.

Any ideas why? Or should I mark it incorrect in Duolingo?

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You might mark it incorrect, but "gaze' and "look" are not the same in English. "Look" is far more casual and relates more to "glance" or "observe"than "gaze."


Why is it "out the window" but it can't be "through the window"?

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Because of "aus" (out). For it to be "through the window," it would read: "Wir schauen durch das Fenster."


I said "SEE". You say "Look". What's big difference ? My translation was : " We see from the window". That conveys the meaning and SHOULD be good enough.


It's not good enough because it's not a sensible English sentence. I would only talking about "seeing from the window" if I then specified what I was seeing.


I thought schauen comes with 'sich' therefore this sentence can be 'Wir schauen uns ...' or if the sentence does not have object, then we do not need to put sich? I don't quite understand when 'sich' needs to be attached... Can anyone help me?


Both exist:

Ich schaue mich um/wir schauen uns um: i look around/we look around (i am standing at a certain point and look at my surroundings.)

Ich schaue aus dem Fenster: i look out of the window (there is a window and i look through it at tge outside world.)

Ich schaue mir die Sachen an: I look at the clothes.

Ich schaue mich an: i look at myself (i.e. i am trying to decide wether or not I wear the right clothes for tge occasion)

Not reflexive but also with accusative object: Er schaut sie an: he looks at her (more often: er sieht sie an)


Would sehen be a suitable replacement for schauen? What is the difference?


No, sehen is see, schauen is look. The difference between sehen and schauen is the same as the difference between see and look. See the link that nova46 posted.


Not "gaze," huh?


A whimsical I know, but I was given the option of "wir schauern aus dem fenster" = we shudder out of the window. I suspect Duo would mark this wrong, but physically it is possible.


"We watch out of the window " is marked as wrong!?


"Ausschauen" is a separable verb, right? If so, why isn't "aus" at the end of the sentence? I'm sort of getting discouraged when I read rules that almost never seem to apply. I keep reading that separable prefixes always go at the end of a sentence. So why not here?


this is crazy! when i had to translate from German and i put "through the window" - it was marked as incorrect. now when i just have to add a verb "schauen" to a sentence in german - Duolingo translates it as "through the window" - contradicting itself...


Why is "we are watching from the window" wrong?


Why is "We're looking out the window" not accepted? In English, you do not need to add "of" after "out" because it is understood that you are looking "out of" the window,


My answer was exactly what Duo showed as the correct answer. This was an app error


you can eliminate a word here:

we are looking out the window

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