"I know you!"

Translation:Jeg kjenner deg!

October 12, 2015

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I'm remembering "know" kjenner as K. Jenner.. as in, "do you know Kylie Jenner" "yes I know Kylie Jenner"


Using kjenner here i would mean i've met you, and using veit it would have a more profound meaning like i truly know you. Is this correct?


If you want to have vet in this you need more words. Jeg vet hvem du er. I know who you are. You can't say "Jeg vet deg!"

Know translates into both kjenner and vet, depending on context.

I know that! Jeg vet det!

I know all about it! Jeg vet alt om det!

I know them. Jeg kjenner dem.

I don't know. Jeg vet ikke.

I know who's dog that is. Jeg vet hvem sin hund det er.

I know this trail. Jeg kjenner denne stien.

I know which one. Jeg vet hvilken.


Tusen takk! Incredibly helpful.


Tusen takk, it seems that it is the same scheme with the french "Savoir / Connaître " if some of you are familiar with french. Here, vet translates as "Savoir" and Kjenner as "Connaître".


Is this pronounced with a CH sound or an SH sound? Ita hard to distinguish


Neither. The Norwegian KJ sound is not present in English, so it can be difficult to get a handle on. You'll find that it's closer to the CH sound than to the SH sound, but it's formed a bit further back in the mouth than either of them.

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