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"Det er fra nittenhundretallet."

Translation:It is from the 1900s.

October 12, 2015



Nitten is 19... so why 20?


Year 1 was the start of the first century, ie year 1-100 was the 1st century. So when everyone got so excited back in December 31st 1999 to celebrate going over to 2000, the 21st century didn't happen until 365 days later.


thank you very much <3


Også er "tjuende tallet" en riktig ord for nittenhundretallet?


Det tjuende århundre = nittenhundretallet. The twentieth century = the nineteen hundreds.


Betyr du at år 2000 er som år 0 "året før år 1 AD" og år 2001 er som år 1 AD?


"Betyr -det- at..."

The year 2000 belongs to the 20th century, in fact the last year of the 20th. (Like the year 0.)

So; because year 1 AD is the year they started counting (seems sort of logical to skip 0 once they decided to relate it all to the birth of God's son), it is the 1st century. 2001 is the 21st century/the 2000s. 2000 is the 20th century/the 1900s.

(And now I have to google have they talk about the centuries before year 0 :-) )


Mener du at( We use betyr with ideas and mener with people?)


That is a good distinction:) And also you as a person can have meaning/influence in someone else's life, which sorts under "idea", since "you" become an object.

Hva betyr du for henne? what do you mean to her (what does she feel about you/what is your significance in her life), as in "you meant a lot to her", du betød mye for henne.


I wanted to say"do you mean that...?",, is it unnatural and "bety det" is more commonly used?


If I understand you correctly now, "do you mean that" would more often become mener du at. While betyr det at... is something like "does that mean that". Å mene is giving an opinion, often in terms of "what do you think about that". Å bety = having a meaning (not an opinion! A religion can have a meaning, but it can't have an opinion, that is the kind of difference I'm talking about for bety vs mene), so you can't say "betyr du at", it has to be an it/that (det/dette)


Really silly question... but would Norwegians usually write the whole word out or just the number in general?


"1900-tallet" is the most common format.

Very general:

  • 1-12: Write out the word, unless it's a decimal or some sort of exact measurement.
  • 13-100: Do as you please.
  • 101- : Use numerals. Optional for whole hundreds (to hundre, fem hundre, tusen).


I tried writing '1900-tallet', and it wasn't accepted. I wouldn't have thought of writing it as one long word either.

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