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Favourite Turkish word to say ?

Which one ?

Mine is "Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine" (As though you happen to have been from among those whom we will not be able to easily/quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones) :)

October 12, 2015



A competition entitled "The most beautiful ABC of the world" ("Das schönste ABC der Welt") which was held in Berlin awarded the Turkish "yakamoz" the title, the most beautiful word of the world. It means that "the reflection of the moon in the water". For the one, who can understand German, the link is provided.



Türkçede en sevdiğim kelimem ’düşündürücü“. Genellikle çok ’ü' veya ’ö' ile kelimeleri söylemeyi seviyorum çünkü bence o kelimeler çok şirin. :)


Hmm , çok ilginç :D Şirin mi ? You're the only person who says the word "cute" at Turkish except me , çok sevindim :D Peki , "Şu kız hem örgülü hem görgülü" ?


That's cool haha. I learnt the word "şirin" in Turkish class in my university. "Cici" is also another one I guess. :)


Ben buraya gediğim zaman şaşırdım duvarda her yer "şirin" yazdılar. Ondan sonra "şirin" "smurf" demek öğrendim ama hala anlamiyordum neden duvarlarda o kelime yazdılar. Günümüzde biliyorum: "şirinler" yerel futbol takımın takma adısı.


Ben buraya gediğim zaman duvarda her yere [yer should be in dative] "şirin" yazmalarına şaşırdım [that would be the correct word order]. Ondan sonra "şirin"in [it should be genitive] "smurf" demek olduğunu [sounds wrong without this verb] öğrendim ama hala neden duvarlara [it should be dative] o kelimeyi [should be accusative] yazdıklarını anlamıyordum. Şimdi [günümüzde = nowadays/şimdi = now] biliyorum: "şirinler" yerel futbol takımın takma adı. ["adısı" uses the same suffix twice, therefore sounds rather funny for me]

Excuse me, I couldn't stop the Grammar Nazi inside me. But hey! This is a language learning site, and I'm here to help.


"Erikli, üzümlü kütür kütür meyveler" Kütür kütür is a sound output when eating.


I personally am a big fan on "Allahallah" which I even use in daily life here in the States. Otherwise, I love the sound of the word "muhafazakarlık" and love the soft "a" :)


What is the meaning of "Allahallah"? I listened to it many times in a TV Show and I don't know what they want to say with that haha


I'm not a native speaker, but my host family generally uses it to mean "oh my god" or to express their frustration, especially when driving here in Turkey (driving here is...different) :)


As I can remember, I watched that that guys said Allahallah in that kind of moments. Now I can understand it well haha, tesekkurler!


Merhaba Ignacio, I don't speak turkish very well at all, but I did find this page online with lots of "Allah" based expressions explained: http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/streetturkish.htm

I hope it is useful for you.


We use Allahallah when we suprised or when a thing didn't happen as we predicted how it will happen. For exemple : 'Allahallah, neden gelmedi?' Meaning : 'Allahallah, why he didn't come?'


are you a native speaker of turkish? or learned later??


I'm a native Turkish speaker :)


It is obvious :)


Mine is "Harika". I really don't know why :D


I feel like this word wants to be a Japanese word.


I have thought the same about "iyi", which sounds too much like it's Japanese synonym.


I realy like the word " görüşürüz" I don't know why but it sounds kind of sweet and kind :-)


what does that even mean o.o btw I just find it amusing that pasta in turkish means cake XD


I thought it was funny to learn that the word for Turkey (the food), in Türkçe is Hindi. Haha!


XD I agree XD Today , I've heard the word "awesome" in British pronounciation through my English teacher , and then I laughed cause It's sounds like a Turkish male name "Oğuzhan" XD


Yeah , It's funny XD and kinda weird XD


I'm going to have to go with "muzumuzu" (our banana (acc.))


YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND! I have read this before and probably have even said it, but I never even thought about how great this word is.


Haha, it's such a great word.

In the Turkish class I took we were learning about food, possessive suffixes, and vowel harmony all in one go. The teacher used "muzumuzu" as an example and it's stuck with me ever since.


What a great word to use in a casual everyday situation xD


Holy languages dude! :O




Eyvallah, (kind of thanks)

Bakarız bi' ara, (We look sometime)

Vay şerefsiz, (Phew dishonest or phew undignified)

Adamsın, (You're the man)

Cibilliyet, (Kind of bastard)

Feriştah, (The best)

Felek, (It is a kind of power determine the luck)

Kelek ve Şalak (Crude)

Some translate is false also this include :))


Excellent! I think I'll use this word in my music theory class and say it's a newly discovered chord.


My favourite is "Afyonkarahisarlılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınızcasınayken" It means "while acting as they was ones which we failed after trying to make citizens of Afyonkarahisar (a landlocked city in southwest Turkey)"




"Kek" is a funny word. Also "beter" which means "worse".


yakisikli - I'm sorry I don't have the right keys on my computer. I just love this word! I tell this to my cat all the time! Yakisikli kedi, Banjo!


Oh, I said it as a reply, but I'll post it up here again! Yakisikli - and sorry, again, that I don't have the right keys on my computer. Great word!


All those words which were not borrowed from French or other languages...

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