"Is this fresh sour cream?"

Translation:Це свіжа сметана?

October 12, 2015

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Why cannot I ask це сметана свіжа?


You can ask:

1) Це свіжа сметана? which would mean "Is this fresh sour cream?"


2) Ця сметана свіжа? which means "Is this sour cream fresh?"

Slightly different meaning. In (1) це acts like a noun/pronoun (this is sour cream), in (2) ця acts like an adjective describing a noun (this sour cream)


Isn't сметана feminine, why is it це and not ця?


Is this fresh sour cream? -- Це свіжа сметана? Це = subject ~ like a pronoun

This fresh sour cream? -- Ця свіжа сметана? Ця = description ~ like an adjective


"це" does not modify "сметана" here. It is the subject of a sentence. This sentence is asking the following question:

  • is (this = fresh sour cream) TRUE?

When "це" works as a demonstrative of its own, it does not change at all (unlike English, where you have "This is a cat" vs. "These are cats"). Compare it to the sentence "Is this fresh sour cream yours?" which means:

  • is (this fresh sour cream = your thing) TRUE?
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