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  5. "We pay for him."

"We pay for him."

Traduzione:Noi paghiamo per lui.

November 11, 2013

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Ma la pronuncia ...?


I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go, People know the part I'm playin'. Pay for every dance, sellin' each romance, Ooohh what they're sayin'? There will come a day, when youth will pass away, What will they say about me? When the end comes I know, there was just a gigolo's Life goes on without me.

'Coz I... Ain't got nobody and there's Nobody cares for me, there's Nobody cares for me I'm so sad and lonely, sad and lonely, sad and lonely Won't some sweet mama come and take a chance with me? Cause I ain't so bad.


No perché corrisponderebbe ad "we pay it for him "

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