"That airplane is the fastest of all airplanes."

Translation:Dat vliegtuig is het snelst van alle vliegtuigen.

3 years ago


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why not 'dat vliegtuig is de snelste van alle/der vliegtuigen' ?

3 years ago


To me, it seems that you should leave 'van alle/der vliegtuigen' out if you use 'de snelste', but I'm not entirely certain. Besides, it's not a big issue in my opinion; people will understand it regardless of which one you choose. By the way, 'der', 'des' etc are very oldfashioned words which are not used in modern Dutch any more, people might find it a bit strange if you use these forms in your speech. But if you try your best, I'm sure people will help you ;)

3 years ago


Nonetheless, it would be good for us to learn the old genitive forms (der, des) for understanding Dutch literature.

2 years ago
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