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"Det var et selvfølgelig valg."

Translation:It was an obvious choice.

October 13, 2015



I've seen 'selvsagt' used in a similar sentence. It makes sense ('self said'), but is it used interchangeably?


They are both used to explain the other in the dictionary, they are interchangeable.

I place selvsagt among the conservative words (in the wild jungle of alternate forms and endings which is Norwegian), I personally prefer radical terms and endings and I actually prefer selvfølgelig, maybe because the other option sjølsagt feels even more radical and borders nynorsk territory.


Self-explanatory is not accepted for some reason.


Self-explanatory = selvforklarende. Which is not the same as obvious although self-explanatory can be pretty obvious. I would rarely use it in connection with "choice" anyhow.


I used 'self evident' and it was accepted. Is it close enough or Duo was just too generous?


This sounds really wrong? I would never use selvfølgelig as an adjective like this, only as an adverb. Better words for "obvious" would be innlysende or opplagt

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