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"I read newspapers and drink water."

Translation:Ben gazete okurum ve su içerim.

October 13, 2015



Newspapers - plural, I translated as "gazetler", Duo says it's wrong and corrects as "gazete". Is not it singular, gazete?


"Gazete" is a general direct object: you're not referring to a specific newspaper, but to newspapers in general. Because of that, you don't need a plural ending: "gazete okurum" can be used to mean either "I read a newspaper" or "I read newspapers."

If you do add a plural ending, you also need the accusative ending, so it becomes "gazeteleri okurum." But that's a better translation of "I read the newspapers." So basically:

I read a newspaper. -> Ben (bir) gazete okurum.

I read newspapers. -> Ben gazete okurum.

I read the newspaper. -> Ben gazeteyi okurum.

I read the newspapers. -> Ben gazeteleri okurum.

The accusative "tips and notes" should help: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Accusative


Sainio, why does gazeteler need to become accusative? I understand why gazete works and I understand that gazeteleri would make it 'the' newspapers, but why isnt ben gazeteler okurum acceptable?


For some reason, Turkish plurals need to be in the accusative case: you can skip the accusative ending with a singular noun, if it's a general direct object, but if your noun has a plural ending, the accusative ending is obligatory. (I don't know why that is; a native speaker might.)


I wrote the EXACT SAME THING as their answer - but was marked wrong. Reported.

Actually, I noticed one slight difference - I wrote 'ben' instead of Ben. But is a capital letter really a big deal here??? DL forgives that on my other courses!


Could someone please tell me what is the difference between gazete and gazeteyi ? Recognizing their difference in this part was really hard for me.


Я читаю-ben okuyorum... Грамматически так правильно


I read"ben okurum,okuyorum".

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