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Gaining access to new German tree.

I recently completed my German tree and would be interested in testing out the new tree. Has anyone any idea how I can access it?

October 13, 2015



Yes. Wait a few days more until the group of users you are a part of receives the updated tree. That is the only way. Patience my friend. I don't have it yet either.


What new tree? What am I missing?


German got an updated tree as a new A/B test. If it works well, the user group that gets the new tree will get expanded... If there aren't any major problems, everyone should get the new tree in some time but right now, it's only a part of the users.


I got it as well and found one error (unsure how to advise the writers): fifteen shows as "funfteen" in one of the picture pages. Other than that, it's a huge set and lots of additional lessons.


It's worth the wait. I'm really enjoying it. Judging by how well it's going, I'm sure they will roll it out to everyone eventually.


I got new tree last thursday. I really like it. So many new lessons. I lost golden owl, but I'll get it again.

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