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  5. "Mein Pferd isst einen Apfel."

"Mein Pferd isst einen Apfel."

Translation:My horse eats an apple.

January 5, 2013



Animals fressen unlike humans who essen


This rule is not set in stone.


I know some German animal right's activists who object to the verb 'fressen' since they see it as 'speciesist.' (Don't laugh at them, they are perfectly lovely people.) To be fair, they also don't like the verb 'fressen' because it was used in concentration camps to demean Jews - Primo Levi, for example, after being liberated from a camp, was working after the war in the field of chemistry. He was at a very important meeting where his university was looking to raise funds, because he was the best German speaker. Everything was going well up until lunch time. He said something like: 'Ich habe Hunger - wollen sie fressen?' (He addressed the German's as 'sie,' I remember that much, so it seemed like an insult directed at them - if he had said 'wir' it mightn't have seemed so bad.)

Of course, they were very insulted, more so at the time than they would have been today - back then the word was more offensive. He was asked if he was deliberately insulting them, and if not, where on earth he had learned German.

The answer 'Auschwitz' did not go down well. The Italian university did not get their funding.


While isst is acceptable I guess, in Europe you are taught that animals fressen and menschen essen. its a matter of usage I guess, and frisst is used for animals normally.


Is it einen because Apple (masc.) is in the accusative? Like when Der becomes Den? Is that the time when you use einen?


should be frisst


einem isn´t a numeral in this case. ¨My horse is eating one apple?¨ is correct ?


What is the difference between Mein and Meine?


Mein is neuter and masculine in the nominative case. Meine is feminine und plural.


Mein... kommt mit das.....meine kommt mit die


What???? this is not a nominative sentence. Is this not accusative "einen"?


"mein Pferd" is nominative.


Indeed, i just saw the same, report it, i will do the same.


Mein Pherd = nominative, isst = verb, einen Apfel = accusative.


why do we need to use isst any logic behind it. why cant we use esst or esse or essen


Ich esse

Du isst

Er isst

Sie isst

Wir essen

Iht esst

Sie essen

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